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It has been a while since I have posted on the old Blog but I am back and feeling super refreshed after my Liz Earle mini facial. I am a HUGE fan of Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, I discovered this a year and a half ago after my skin became really spot prone and sensitive. I use the Cleanse and Polish most evenings to take my make up off as it is quick and easy to do so. You start by applying this onto your face, i usually put this on the back of my hand so I can evenly spread this out. Once a generous layer has been applied, make sure you really rub this in especially if you are using mascara. Then use warm water on a cleansing cloth or flannel and wipe away the day. I tend to use the rule, use a different section of the cloth for each part or your face, this makes sure you aren't just moving the dirt and oil from one place to another. Once you are all cleansed, I then grab my toner on a few cotton pads and wipe this again, making sure nothing has been left behind. I have found this routine is simple and quick I stick to it! After a long busy day, I simply don't have the time or effort to have a million step skin care routine so I found this one suits me well even if I am in a half dream daze.

When John Lewis made me aware of the Beauty Room for Liz Earle in Sheffield I was delighted! I didn't know this existed and I was keen to hear all about it, I did have a Liz Earle voucher for my birthday last year and I wished I had used it for this Beauty Room. The Room has a £10 deposit to book and this can then be re-deemed on any products.

As I am a keen fan already I was also really interested on how the brand started and loved hearing all about the products which the Team will talk all about with you. You will hear all about the amazing smelling ingredients and what they do in the products. They will then talk you through your current skincare routine, what you are using already and discuss how they should be used. Which is news to my ears.. or face as often i read the instructions and wonder if I applying or using something correctly. They will then put together a treatment to leave you feeling like a glowing Goddess or God.

The room was like stepping into a spa with the soft sounds playing the background, it was hard to believe this was just tucked away in the John Lewis department store. I know when I stepped out, I did almost forget where I was as I had became so relaxed during the treatment.

When you buy any products in store there is a loyalty card scheme which after five products can get two products for free, the team are brilliant at recommending products for you too. Which I wished I realised before I did an online order previously!

SO what are you waiting for pop down to John Lewis and get yourself booked in for a pamper!
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