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I have just arrived back from a week camping in the Scottish Highlands, and I thought that I would share with you a list of camping tips that will help any newcomers to outdoor living. Particularly if you are struggling to find a guide, or just looking for some tips. I was pretty new to camping before this trip, so I just didn't know where to start when packing. What to take and what not to take.. it is a tough decision and I tweeted and googled but I just could find a guide or some tips to help someone like me out (I like my home comforts, and still want to look good, even when living in the woods!).

Well, here is my guide...

Plan your outfits for each day; figure out tops that would go with different jumpers or jackets so you can mix and match, and layer up in case you do get a little chilly in the evenings. Take a few thin jackets, that you can wear together, rather than one big coat, as this will take up less room in your bag and will be handy incase one gets a little dirty.

Check the weather forecast so you can plan for sun, wind or rain. I would always take a waterproof coat just in case it does rain, so that you aren't left too soggy and waiting to dry. You will then know how many jumpers or trousers to take depending on how hot it is going to be. Take this bit of advice at your own risk though, as who knows what the British weather will throw at you!

Comfy outdoor shoes are a must. Take a few pairs if you are unsure how comfy your current pair are. I would take some walking boots so you know they are going to be sturdy, and they are usually waterproof too. Some comfy trainers that you don't mind getting a little dirty, and some flip flops for the communal showers are also good suggestions, particularly if you aren't straying too far from the roads.

For toiletries, pack some of your miniatures or your samples; they will take up less room in your bag. I think this a good way to use up samples that you have been meaning to try out, especially if you don't have any minatures to use. You can pick up small empty bottles for a couple of pounds and fill these up with your favourites and then can you re-use these again, for when you go on your travels.

I found taking different bags super handy. I had one bag for clothes that I could keep in the tent or nearby and another bigger bag that I left in the car, with my dirty clothes and jumpers. This then meant I had more room in the tent and my clothes would stay fresh. I packed a canvas bag for my shower bits and bobs, this is useful as you wan't drop anything on the way to the shower.

Don't overpack! I know this is a lot easier to say than to do... I am guilty of this every time, as I like to have options, but you don't need to pack for every occasion and eventuality as if there are shops nearby you can always pick something up, if you need it.

Do you have any other camping tips?

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  1. Overpacking is something I definitely struggle with but I always think it's worth taking extra clothing to layer up with!

    Jess x