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Last week, I was invited along to Nourish on Ecclesall Road. In case you haven't spotted it already while passing, it popped up a few months ago, as an addition to the store that is in the city centre opposite the Peace Gardens. I was already a fan of Nourish as I love the fresh healthy options they provides, and are especially suitable for when you are in a rush.

Those of us who attended the event tested samples from the menu. This was great for me, as I always want to try different things but am worried about not liking something I have just bought. After trying all the samples my fears were proved wrong as I was impressed with everything I tried and would certainly go back to the store to order any one of the menu items.

My favourite of all the samples was the Jerk Salmon. This contained a jerk paste with red pepper, cucumber, mixed leaf and a Nourish special salsa. I loved how the jerk was subtle but did provide a good kick to lift the ingredients. This is something I will go back to the shop to try again as I did throughly enjoy it.

The Manager, David explained the that meatballs are a clear favourite with the customers, which became apparent when customers weren't happy when they were taken off the menu on one occasion, and I can see why! The meatballs are really juicy and full of flavour, they are served with Moroccan flavours and seasoning. This was a great twist on the spag bol sauce that I am used to having this served with.

After sampling the dishes we tried the chocolate avocado mousse, yes avocado mousse! I know what you are thinking, how can this be tasty? We have all seen the recipes where people have tried this out for themselves and have failed miserably... well Nourish have certainly got this recipe right and it was amazinggggg. I need to go back for more of this.

If you are looking for a quick lunch or breakfast, check out Nourish!
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1 comment

  1. You've made me so hungry!! I'll have to pop in to try them out

    Jess x