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This is just a few ideas on how to help keep your content fresh and to bring some more of 'you' to your blog.

A few times I have seen people copy other Bloggers' posts, whether it be the style that it is written in, or some of the post contents. Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping and sharing good ideas but just to copy someone else it is super lazy and shows a lack of content. So if you want to borrow some inspiration, reach out the person to ask for their permission and then credit them in the post, that way everyone wins.

You need to think about why you are looking at others Blogs for ideas or content. Are you looking for inspiration? Or do you just need a new Blog post to upload this week because you are already weeks behind? If you are doing it to just 'keep up' and put content out there, then why are you bothering? As this really is just saying what is already out there, and people would probably have already read the original.

Blogging has grown hugely since I started, with so many Blogs out there, it is sometimes hard to think of new content which is 100% original and to keep your blog fresh and up to date. I do feel like what I want to Blog about has probably already been done and it is just a little boring so I am always looking to develop on my writing and think of how things can be done differently.

Share ideas, I love when people conduct polls about what they should Blog about. This then helps keep the readers involved and shows you are listening to people. I always try to reply to polls and be honest about what I want to read and see more of.

Try to think outside of the box when you have a review to write up, come up with ideas on how you can do this differently. I think this is really important if a few of you have been invited to an event, that you each take a different approach so there aren't five blog posts all about the same thing in the same style.

Show your personality. Everyone has their own quirks or way of doing things, and you should show this in your writing. If you would make a joke about something in real-life, then do it. This will help engage your readers and will help you stand out from other Bloggers, after all there are no two people in life who are exactly the same, so why should your blogs give that impression.

Do you have any other tips to keep your ideas original and blog posts fresh?
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  1. When I've been to an event, I avoid reading posts from the other bloggers who attended until I've written my version. So easy to want to write the same thing but it wouldn't be my take.