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Last week I was invited to try out the new Dior mascara "Pump N Volume" at John Lewis. I was interested to see and hear about the new mascara and other Dior products as I have not tried any of their range before. I think the name Dior evokes a sense of luxury and chic, and it's clear from the products' packaging that every detail has been thought about and carefully put together. From the sleek black finish on the mascaras, to the silver casing on the lipsticks that sparkle as soon as they come into sight.

I think the luxury concept really does do wonders for making a you feel like a million dollars, and the ladies at the Dior counter did an excellent job of talking me through my first experience of the brand and showing me what else Dior have in store.

Pump N Go is a brand new mascara that was initially launched in Selfridges, with Bella Hadid being the face behind the lashes of this new product. From testing this product out for myself I can certainly see why this has just had a big backing from Bella.

The product comes with a brush that is quite large, which I am a huge fan of. This is great if you have small lashes or lashes that need some extra volume, because I find that this means you only need to apply one layer. In the past with a small flimsy brush, I have found that they don't really build volume, and require layer upon layer, which makes your lashes feel heavy. With this product though, it does give volume with less effort, and makes my lashes look so much longer. I think there is no need to wear falsies when you are using this product.

The bottle has a rubber, gummy texture to it, and it has a squeezable indent which you can push to pump the mascara onto the brush. This pump helps you make sure that you can get every last bit out of the bottle, so nothing goes to waste.

The trick with this mascara is to rub the bottle between your hands before opening; this helps the liquid warm up and the texture makes it much easier to apply. When applying this to your lashes, you need to start at the top of your lashes, then wiggle in a side-to-side motion out to the ends of your lashes. This method helps to ensure that you build up volume and don't stick your lashes together.

Photo Credit: The Lovely Kara from Spread the Sparkle  In case you were wondering, it's the glasses that make me look weird, and the fact I had a huge headache!

Have you tried Dior's Pump N Volume Mascara, what did you think?
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