What To Pack For Italy?

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I always look for these type of guides when I am visiting a new place as I never know what to pack. I am always worried about packing the wrong things or not packing something I may need. Well.. if you have the same worries and you are traveling to Italy then this guide is just for you.

Comfy shoes or walking boots are a MUST as there are plenty of steps, steep inclines and walking to cram in, especially if you are wanting to see the sights. You need to make sure you have some shoes packed that you are able to walk far in, rather than ending up sitting down and popping blisters.

I would recommend a rucksack or other type of bag that you can put on your shoulders and keep your arms free. I always reach for my backpack when I am going exploring or looking around somewhere, I find this allows me to have my camera or bottle of water to hand and means that I do not have to keep looking inside my bag or asking someone to carry something every few minutes.

Suncream! It goes without saying but even if you do go in September time, when I went last year, it is still sunny and you can burn so do make sure you are wearing the right factor and one that contains UV protection to protect you from any harmful rays.

A hat is required to keep the sun out of your face and out of your eyes. When I spend too long in the sun without a hat or without shade I get a headache, so I need to reach for my hat before I have to have a lie down or turn into a miserable monster for the rest of the day. A hat is also handy if you don't want tan lines on your face from your sunglasses, a hat can still keep the sun out of your eyes.

Make sure to take a camera. In Italy there are plenty of places to see and take a few snaps, so make sure you can take photos for you look back on and take it in all over again. If your camera doesn't have much charge, pack a spare battery or your charger, as there is nothing worse than your camera loosing charge mid-way into a trip and not having a spare. Imagine the disappointment when you get to Postaino to take some perfect pics and your camera is flat!

Shorts or comfy trousers make your time more comfortable. As there is plenty to see and do make sure that you are comfortable by wearing shorts or loose trousers, as there is plenty of walking to do to get to the sights of Pomepii and Mout Vesuvius, you don't want want to be unfortable and try to re-arrange yourself every ten minutes.

I think this is a handy guide not just for Italy but for any kind of exploring holiday where it has nice weather and plenty to see and do.
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