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As far as perfume goes, I don't tend to pick up a new one each month, or to match the seasons, as I am not made of money. Besides, I don't really know who does. Looking at my perfume collection and my daily habits however, I think I do tend to spray my lighter and fresher scents in the spring and summer months, while I go for something a little more musky and deeper in the colder seasons. Here are a few of my favourite scents at this time of year:
Library of Fragrance, New Baby
I was looking for this number for ages! I found that it was hard to track down, as they don't tend to sell this with their other ranges in stores, so you do have to have a good look if you're wanting to find it on the High Street or try to find it online. Whatever the effort you go to, it is definitely worth it. Library of Fragrance have said that they were asked to make this scent for years and when they finally did, it sells out all the time.
The name of this one is a little odd, as new borns can smell all fresh and powdery but I am not sure this is something I would want to smell like... it does seem a bit strange but if you forget about the name, it does have a simple, subtle smell that isn't overpowering. It is soft and perfect for an everyday scent. I do like how this is a little different to my usual perfumes as it is a little powdery almost like palma violets, so I think would be perfect on a nice spring day.
Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream
Everyone should have seen this pretty much everywhere last year and if not, then where have you been hiding?! I am a huge fan of this perfume, it is my go-to scent. I think it is perfect for a day to night transition, as it has long lasting, floral scents with a hint of a fruity smell that is light but does not fade away within a few hours. I find this does cary well, you do only need to apply a little amount and this can leave you smelling like a Daisy Dream.
I also love the bottle for this one, as it is one that you want to keep out on your dressing table and not place into a draw until you want to use it. Like the other Marc Jacobs' perfumes you can really tell that thought has gone into each scent and every note has been thought about.

Dolce and Gabbana, Dolce
This choice is a little different from the previous two, I think this one from Dolce and Gabbana has a little more of a musk scent. It still does have the fresh spring notes of flowers so it's perfect for the spring season but with the musk it has a deeper note to it also, so I do tend to use this one at night time rather than asa day scent.
I like how this is a little deeper scent wise, but it doesn't really last longer than a few hours, so if you did want this to last long into the night, you would need to re-apply it. This is sort of a shame, as with the stronger scents I would have thought this should have lasted a lot longer than it actually does.
What are your go-to Spring scents? Do you match up your perfume with the seasons? 
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