Garnier Moisture Bomb 3 in 1 Day Cream

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I was really intrigued by the Garnier 'Moisture Bomb' 3 in 1 day cream, having heard a lot about the Moisture Bomb range of products previously but not yet having had the opportunity to try any out. I am already a huge fan of Garnier products as I tend to find they are handy everyday items that you don't have to pay over the odds for.

As I have combination skin; it can be a mixed bag of dry, sensitive, oily and on occasions normal. For this reason I try to avoid heavy foundations and heavy formulas which can clog pores and cause spots. However, I do tend to get dry skin as a result of the cold wind at this time of year, so I still require a product with a thicker feeling consistency. Due to always feeling like I should have got up 10 minutes earlier, or spending too long trying to decide what to wear, I am always rushing or just don't have the time allow products to dry, so I also need a product that can be used on the go. Sooo... as you may have gathered, my skin is a nightmare to find the 'right' product that ticks all of these boxes, there is a product out there for me, but I just need to find 'the one'.

This particular 3 in 1 Garnier product contains two antioxidants and a high concentration of plant serum. This was big news last year and much of this year, so it has been no wonder that the Moisture Bomb range has popped up with more and more like this in its range. Plant serum and antioxidants do seem to be the latest buzz word around moisture, so I was keen to give this a try as it can help with anti-aging and help maintain a natural and healthy glow.

From reading the packaging of the product, I was unsure about whether it would be suitable for me, as it seemed to be for dehydrated skin, meaning it may have a thicker texture but I have found that even with being a little heavy handed with the pump, it dried within a few minutes. I usually apply this and get changed, so by the time I am fully clothed I am ready for the next step in my routine.

After using this for the past few weeks, I think my skin has seemed a lot brighter and the cream makes my skin more radiant. However, I am not too sure if this is due to my skin being a little dry originally, so perhaps this change is all relative, but saying this, surely that is what this is all about. The Moisture Bomb day cream also contains SPF but this is a fairly low factor, even for English weather, so I would only use it in the winter and try to use a much higher SPF in the spring/summer time. I think for the winter this is a great product as the cold weather can draw out most of the moisture in your skin causing dry patches and a dull looking appearance, something clearly combatted successfully by this product.

Have you tried any of the Moisture Bomb products, what do you think?
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