How To Make the Most of Your Commute

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 If you happen to have a 9-5 job, on weekday mornings you can spend at least an hour or more on your commute, which is a pretty long time when you consider it's for 5 days! So I think, rather than wasting your time, you should really make the most of it by doing something productive. Well, I try to anyway!

Plan your week. Flick through your diary and start to make plans for the days ahead. I often write my shopping lists for the week, meal plans or little notes to remind me of anything I need to do. This allows me to do a little life admin on route, such as flicking through my diary and making a note of any important dates that I might not have remembered. 

Start blogging! Try to get your ideas written down, if you don't want to write a full post on the bus or train then try to note some thoughts for future posts. I sometimes find that the hardest part of blogging is coming up with post ideas, so if you can look back on the ideas you have previously noted down this will get you going. Posts will start following and you will be on your creative way. 

Read... and not just flicking through Twitter for the Celebrity section of the Daily Mail. Start reading something you enjoy and that you can really get into. Get your head stuck into something to take your mind off the person on the bus who keeps sneezing in your direction or who has their music on far too loud. Once I have started reading a real page turner I have find the journey goes a lot quicker. If you have a shorter journey, you could catch up on your favourite blogs that you haven't yet had a chance to read.

Listen to podcasts or watch downloaded TV shows, the multimedia possibilities are not limited to just listening to your music on shuffle. All this is handy if you don't manage to get a seat, as you won't need any free hands to hold a book.

Crochet. I have done this a few times on the train on longer journeys, so I don't see why it can't be done on the bus too. I used to do this when I first started crocheted pieces, so what I was working with was pretty small, but it is a sure fire way of making the journey go a lot quicker and to stop you wondering when the drinks trolly is going to be coming by next so you binge on an overpriced snack.

You can even finish getting ready or applying your make-up. I know it's not always everyone's go-to option, but it might be way of grabbing an extra ten minutes in bed, if you don't mind a few glares from a few judgemental people. You just need to make sure you can grab a seat and have excellent application skills, to avoid showing up to work looking like a clown. 

Let me know how you make the most of your commutes, or if you do just take time out people watch.

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