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We are already a few weeks into 2017 but I thought it is still a good time to share my favourites of 2016 with you. Over the last year, I have tried not to splash the cash on things that I don't really need and that you only tend to want because they are surrounded by the latest hype. It might sound boring but if you look back at the things you have bought just because you wanted to test them out, and then think about how much you have used them since, chances are that they have ended up in the bin or have sat in the bottom of your makeup bag or draw.

Last year, I carried on with trying to make a real effort to do more exercise, drink more water and cut down on crappy eating habits. I didn't try to limit myself too much, as following a strict plan would become a chore rather than a lifestyle change that I could stick to. I didn't want to end up feeling like I was missing out or going without things, as this can led you feeling guilty and resulting in a huge binge.

Drinking more water helped me snack less, as sometimes when you are opening up the fridge or looking in the cupboards for something to tide you over until dinner, it's not food you are needing it's some hydration. One way I try to test this out, is to drink a glass of water and if I'm still searching through the cupboards five to ten minutes later then it must mean you are hungry, but a lot of the time I realised that the urge to eat went away.

Herbal teas can help you to get your recommended 2 litres-a-day quota. I have been a huge fan of peppermint tea for a few years now but I have recently discovered T2, a store selling a brilliant range of interestingly flavoured teas that are hardly any calories. My favourite is the Chai tea and the 'Packs a Punch', they are both perfect if you are craving something sweet but don't fancy all the sugar and they are much healthier than a juice drink. Most importantly though, they are just great to drink.

After spending hours fretting and stressing out about how bad my skin was last year, I finally found a holy grail product that has sent my skin from looking like a dot to dot puzzle, to almost completely pore free and not needing any make up when I head out. This was the Liz Earle Hot Cleanser, that I have been wanting for what seems like a lifetime! Like most hot cleansers, the clue is in the title. You apply the cleanser and wipe off with a hot cloth. This has really helped settle my skin down and made it look glowing and almost no pores in slight.

Last year, I carried on my love for BB creams, I know these were a huge deal last year but I have stuck with them as I find I can get away with a light coverage on my skin so I don't need to use heavy duty foundations, those I find clog my pores and bring out the spots. My favourites this year have been the Garnier skin perfector daily all-in-one BB cream and La Roche-Posay effacer duo+ unifiant. They both have been a big hit, I do tend to mix and match between them both. They even out my skin tone, reducing any redness and any dark patches and have the ability to stay all day if I use a primer before applying.

Like last year, and the year before, and probably the year before that... I have been loving Lush bath bombs, shower gels, shampoo bars, hand cream and soap. My particular favourite that I have been re-buying and asking for everytime someone mentions Lush is the Comforter. I have serious heart emoji love for this product. It lasts for at least eight baths, gives plenty of bubbles, pink coloured water and smells between a mixture of Snow Fairy, candy floss and blackcurrant sweets.

I would love to hear all about your 2016 favourites, so send them my way.

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1 comment

  1. I'm stealing all the things you changed last year for this year! Hydration, healthy eating and being responsible with money are things I need to really be better with.

    Lush will always be in your favourites though! <3

    Billie Geena || billiegeena.co.uk x