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Last month I was invited to go along to Swegway's store, and in case you didn't know this is located on Division Street, Sheffield right by the Forum. I have seen Segways before but have not previously heard about the Swegways store/brand so I was excited to not only learn about them but to try one out for myself.

Swegway is the original company that brought 'hoverboards' to the UK in August this year. I say original as there are a lot companies who sell 'hover boards', some of which may not be up to the same standard as the Swegway products. I can't comment on this, as Swegway are the only brand I have tried. The company pride themselves on being the original seller and will provide ongoing support and guidance with the products.

We were talked through the different products, from the basic one to the top of the range music and lights extravaganza. I can see how they have became so popular as imagine so many people have a Swegway on their Christmas list for Santa.

After being talked through the products, we all got to test out the products. I was a little unsure to start with as I am no professional at anything that requires balance, so I was worried I would very soon end up on the floor and feeling a little sorry for myself. I tested out a more basic Swegway first, I think it was the Classic Swegway and I struggled to get my balance. I think the key is not to try to over compensate, so you have to try and stand up still, this is much easier than it sounds, and it works because your body's natural reaction is to keep rocking backwards and forwards to get your balance, which is the thing that would otherwise leave you on your back. After testing out the classic and not managing to whizz around the track, I tested out the Bluetooth Swegway Plus. After a few jerks and wobbles I did manage to go around the full circuit of the track that was laid out on the floor. This model has the additional feature of connectivity with smartphones and ability to play music via bluetooth.

After we had all tested out the Swegway boards, we had a race on the go-kart  and this was so much easier as it required a lot less balance so I was able to pick up a bit of speed but sadly in the race, I didn't quite make top five.

I think a Swegway would make an excellent present if you have a park or an off road bit of land near you,  as I wouldn't recommend driving this on the pavements. They are classed a motor vehicle, please look into this before buying one if you are unsure, and pop into the Swegway store to have a chat with the helpful staff who will be able to advise.
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