Joan Collins Lipstick Duo

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In my handbag I always carry around a mirror and some powder, as you never know when you might need it. Super handy if you need a makeup touch-up or need to use the mirror to check that you don't have anything in-between your teeth. On which note... Girls! You should always have each other's backs and let the other know if there is a little bit of parsley stuck in their gnashers, there's nothing worse than realising you've had something perched there all afternoon! 

When I am applying lipsticks, I always need to re-apply them after drinking, eating or just after a few hours. With this handy accessory, if you are on the go, it comes with powder, just in case someone bumps into you or you slip and apply some around the edges of your lips rather than onto them. This is when the powder comes in handy as we can't all be pros at doing lipstick on the go, and if you are please share your tips with me!

I usually have separate lipstick and powders to carry in my handbag, depending on which look I have opted to go for so I will have a different one for everyday use and a longer lasting one for nights out.  Although by the time I switch handbags my lipsticks have all practically ended up in the same handbag, somehow. 

This Joan Collins Paparazzi Duo is brilliant for the multi-tasking on the go top ups with the lipstick, mirror and the powder so you can have a quick look at how your make up is holding up and re-apply if needed. I am a huge fan of the lipstick, in the shade Melanie which looks like a dark purple shade but it is much lighter and more of a dark pink when applied to my lips. I love this colour at this time of year as it is a nice alternative to the Santa red that everyone seems to wear.

The duo has a really classy look about it with the gold mirrored design on the compact and the lipstick, I think this makes it perfect on a night out to just whip out and not feel like you are bringing out your entire make up collection (if that makes sense?). You will be feeling pretty glamorous bringing this out, while others may be looking through their handbag to find a mirror. 

What are your space saving handbag essentials this season?

I was given the product as a PR sample,  the views and opinions are my own. 
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