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Since I began blogging I have learned a lot and you tend to learn more and more as you go on, I suppose the word is experience, and as they say, nothing compares! How companies work, how Bloggers and PR contacts behave, and what does and doesn't work in blog posts, are just some of the things that come to mind where time as a blogger has given me an insight. So below I have listed a few lessons that I have learned...

Speak to everyone at events. This is a big one if you are a little shy and reserved but try to at least say hi to people and introduce your self. You probably won't manage to speak to everyone, and certainly not for a prolonged time, but at least make the effort. One of my big bug bears is when people do make eye contact and say hi but then tweet you after to say that they didn't get chance to speak to you or didn't see you...

Be nice, I know it's super simple but Blogging can be a bitchy environment and it is not nice to see and not nice to be a part of. You won't get on with everyone but just accept that one person isn't your cup of tea and just try to see around it. The nature of blogging is that people share their opinions, and these often differ. As long as someone has legitimate reasons for their opinions, then allow them to have it and realise they have just as much right to share it as you.

Give everyone a try... So you're not sure about someone or a company because of something you've heard? The rumours may be right but they may not, a lot of things do get emphasised and made into a bigger deal than what they actually are and you won't know unless you try things out for yourself.

Don't be rude. If you don't want take the PR sample or attend an event at least let the person know. There is no need to be rude about it, just replying back to let them know you aren't interested is much nicer than not showing up to event or backing out at the last minute rather than pretending you have an emergency or something that you can't get out of. Who knows, you might need to contact that person later on and you would have ruined their first impressions of you, and might miss out on something in the future.

Be real and be true to yourself. If you only accept opportunities based on what people think, or behave in a particular way, this can come across as not being real and this can show through on posts and social media. If you want to post something then do it, if you aren't a fan but you know it is the latest hype then don't do it unless you have a good reason, or are sharing honest feelings.

Let me know if you have any more lessons learned. I would love to hear about your own gained experiences whether they are good or bad!
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