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After missing out on the first Bloggers even earlier on this year. I was super excited when I was invited to this event at Be At One and jumped at the chance to go along as I had heard how much of a hit the previous event was.

Be At One does have a luxury feel about it so it is better than your average bar, where your cocktails come in pre-made mixtures. You can tell how much effort and thought has been put into this place from the decor to the training of the knowledgeable staff.

They have a very vast cocktail menu so there should then be something for everyone. You can choose which cocktails you want from the flavours, sprits, types and flavours so you can narrow down the big menu to a few options. The bar staff are excellent at recommending a drink also if you describe what you like and what you are looking for.

I have already been to Be At One a few times for a few cocktails so have already tested it out but I was keen to hear all about it and try out some more cocktails. We were asked to pick a cocktail from the menu and were then given a masterclass on how to make it, which I loved as I could pick something unusual that I may not usually buy on a night out, just in case I didn't like it, and if I did like it, then I would know how to make it myself at home.

I chose the Banana Daiquiri. I have recently become a fan of daiquiris so I am keen to try a few different ones with new and exciting flavours. It was a little messy, so it should have come with a warning, because you do have to smash up the banana, but this was worth it for the end result. It was a little strange as I don't think many cocktails come with banana flavours but it was very tasty.

After the cocktail class on the night, we had a race, seeing who could mix up a Long Island Iced Tea the quickest. My team won, although the prize was a little strange, as it was to share the drink that we had just made so I did give this a miss. After this the night was over, which was a shame as I would have loved to stay and try out a few more cocktails on the menu.

Have you visited Be At One and tried any of their cocktails?
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