Kettle Black

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Last month, I was invited to try out the new bar Kettle Black. If you didn't know or have not been already, this is in Sheffield just off Ecclesall Road. It is slightly different from the other bars on the road as it has a New York chic feel about it. As soon as you walk towards the bar it has the logo projecting around on the floor. I would put money on their being an occasion where a drunk customer tries to chase the words across the room!

Inside Kettle Black, you can see how much effort and thought has gone into the look and feel of this place. From the mezzanine floor that has a VIP area, to the long main bar, behind which there is a ceiling high wall full of quality alcohol. Here, they focus on the quality of service, drinks and the experience you have during your night there, as there is nothing worse than waiting to get into a bar to have rubbish service and tasteless cocktails, that you have just wasted £7 on.

Myself and a few fellow Bloggers were treated to a cocktail masterclass. We were talked through the history of how the cocktail was invited and I even found out how to make my very own cosmo. We all then took turns to make our own and afterwards we were all judged on which was the best one, sadly I didn't not win but I don't think it was a bad cosmo.

Next up was the espresso martini, which i have recently become a huge fan of. I had not made one of these before so this was my favourite part of the evening. Again, after we were shown how to make this, they were judged. This time mine did come a close second so the class was clearly starting to pay off!

I was a little gutted this was on a school night, as there were also a few shots that were handed out, which if it had been a friday or saturday night I would have been gladly knocking back like nobody's business.

After the classes, we were then shown to the VIP area and where the DJ booth was situated. It did have a very luxurious feel about it and I would have liked to have seen how the bar is on a weekend to test out the atmosphere properly. The VIP booths; you can hire for the night and this does come with your own spirt and mixers so you don't have to keep venturing down to the bar. This was a little pricey for my average Saturday night but it might be something to look into if you are celebrating or are just looking to splash the cash and make the most of a big night.

Have you been to Kettle Black yet?
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