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Christmas is quickly approaching and I am a huge fan of Lush products around this time of year. Who doesn't love a hot steamy bubble bath when it is chilly outside? I do for one! You can't beat the feeling of unwinding and warming up and becoming a nice lobster colour in a bath that is probably too hot to be considered sensible.

I have always been impressed with the Lush gifts around Christmas as they all tend to have a range of different products and come in the best boxes, that you can re-use again and again so you do really get your moneys worth. I was gifted You're a Star after my Comforter massage earlier on in the month so I didn't choose this from a selection but I do feel like this is box is made just for me.

In the box is a selection of bath, body, face and hair products so it is like a full pamper in the box. The perfect gift for someone who needs to spend some ME time or just for a little treat for yourself as you really can pamper yourself from head to toe.

The box contains my favourite bubble bar..... The Comforter. I love this as it makes so many bubbles and it can go along way, as you only need little amounts in the bath at a time. (Well.... unless your boyfriend mistakes it for a bath bomb and throws the whole bar in the bath!). To me the Comforter is like all the nice Lush smells put together in one bar, I just love having this around in my bedroom and the scent wafting through the house and it's just asking to be crumbled up into your bath. It smells of blackcurrent sweets and it reminds me of all those saccharine-y sweet girly stereotypes of hearts, rainbows and butterflies and all things nice, so I find this is really relaxing after a hard day at work or after a busy weekend.

Next up is the Dragon Egg Bath bomb, I don't want to give to much away if you haven't tried this before but I do love the surprise of this one when it is dropped into the bath. It is like a little egg cracking and lots a refreshing lemon comes out, which is super soothing and just what you need when you are lying in the tub. I think because this is a little refreshing it is good for a morning bath or a bath before you are heading out. I think because of the lemon scent, it does remind me of lemon sherbert sweets so perfect for a little pick me up!

Keeping on the bath bomb theme is Sex Bomb. This was one of the first bath bombs that I bought... and no not just because it is called Sex Bomb. It is because it is one most attractive girly looking bombs, with it's shades of pastle pink and purple with a rose flower just showing inside. It does remind me a little of Rose Jam, I think is because of the similar scents. The floral scents are really relaxing and after the bath bomb has melted it does leave a little flower floating around your bath.

The Charity Pot, I had already had a little tin of this around in my bag as it is really versatile and handy if you re on the go and don't have a Marry Poppins bag for every type of lotion. This is great for hands and body so a great one to pop in your handbag. The consistency of this is thick so is super nourishing but it sinks quickly into your skin so you don't have to wait ages for it to dry, a bit of a nightmare if you are on the go. All proceeds of the Charity Pot go to SLush fund that helps sustainable farming community projects that help provide the ingredients for the Lush products. So not only a top product but you are also doing your bit for charity - win win.

In the gift box you do get a small pot of Gorgeous, it is only small but that little pot can do some powerful things. When I put this on, it feels so luxirious like a high end beauty product, so I can see why this is a little pricer than the other Lush moisturisers. It does have a light weight feeling on your skin, so it won't be too heavy for your pores. I think when I have used this I don't need a primer as it provides a matt finish anyway, so perfect if you are looking to cut down your skincare routine. Gorgouos is also lightly scented which is a big win for me as sometimes I find scented skincare can irritate my skin. It is lightly scented pineapples, lemons and oranges so will help brighten your skin and give you a nice radiant glow. I love this product and it can do some amazing things, I may have to put this one on my Christmas list however, as it is a little pricey for an everday mositurer.

Beautiful Shower Gel is a product that I have not tried or heard about before.  I think this a really make your self feel good product, so perfect if you need a little boost or are just after some TLC from yourself. The peach and apricots give you a wakening uplift feeling so perfect for a morning shower as this is bound to leave you in a good mood. It also gives you a shimmer to your skin so I think this looks nice if you are heading out on the town.

I did say the gift box was for body and hair, so Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume next... It is a hair perfume but I have used it the same way as a conditioner, so after shampoo-ing. This contains almond milk so is perfect if you have dry ends and need to bring some condition back to your hair. A small amount like any conditioner does go a long way so do make sure you are not too heavy handed when pouring it out. The orange flower scent is really subtle but does come through and will leave you wanting to smell your own hair. I did find this left my hair on the greasy side as I normally need a lot of conditioner on my hair so I would advise to use this sparingly.

Well.... you couldn't have a conditioner without a shampoo and so the box also contains Karma Komba Shampoo bar. I am huge fan of shampoo bars already, they are super handy if you are traveling and do last AGESSSS. I think is product is great after a weekend of heavy product use so is perfect for stripping your hair back to clean glossy locks. The lemongrass and orange is also great if you have senstive scalp that needs some TLC, I think this would be good if you are on holiday and need a product after sun/pool usage.

Finally, the King of Skin Body Butter. I love the solid body bars as I find they sink really well into your skin and last all day. This one suggests using after your shower on wet skin and then you can dry off and let it all soak in. I think this is more of a unisex scent so if you are looking to introduce a guy to Lush, this might be the product to start with. The bananas and oat milk, give you a nourishing, soft finish so a nice pamper night if you are looking for a product to finish off your night time routine.

I told you it was a good gift box... what do you think? Have you tried this already?
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