Tapas and Cocktails at Revolution De Cuba

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This month has been a busy one for me; new bars seem to be popping up each week in Sheffield so there are plenty to try for the first time for everyone. I am a huge fan of cocktails with a few friends and other times I enjoy a quiet drink with a nice glass of red. I think sheffield does have a bar for everyone really, there are plenty to choose from so you're bound to find somewhere you really like, the hardest part will be finding somewhere to suit all of your friends at the same time!


Cocktails seem to be everyone's tipple of choice at the moment and with so many to choose from, bars are really showcasing them. Many bars do to cocktails but I think a lot do them badly, nobody wants to spend an extra few minutes waiting for your drink, as you normally do with a cocktail, to be made only to taste it and be disappointed.

With this in mind, I was invited this month to Revolution De Cuba for tapas and a few cocktails. I am already a huge fan of Revolution De Cuba as I have been there a few times on a few nights out so I was excited to pop along and try out some tapas. I think the big thing for me with Revolution De Cuba is the atmosphere from the decor and the music, the Cuban feel really brings it to life.

Revolution De Cuba, have a big range of cocktails so an excellent choice from citrus packed Mojitos and Caipirinhas, to fruity sweet Daiquiris, all served in various interestingly shaped vessels, like pineapples or elephants. I was excited to try the coconut daiquiri, I had tried a strawberry one before but this was a little different as it contained Koko Kanu coconut rum which meant it was really creamy and went down a little like a dessert!

On Sundays, Revolution De Cuba do 2-4-1 on cocktails and tapas so its a perfect excuse to head down and try them out. For the tapas, they recommend one person has 3 dishes for an average meal. Obviously, if you are starving or fancy a challenge go for 4-5 but I have a fairly big appetite and I did struggle to finish my three. For my three, it was a hard choice to make but I did eventually choose the Chicken Quesdillia, Cauliflower Wings and Cajiun Cream Mushrooms. The mushrooms were AMAZING, very rich but were super creamy and did need some extra bread to soak up all the creamy sauce that came with it. The Cauliflower wings were almost like pakoras, with a mojito batter and a tangy tomato salsa. The Chicken Quesdillia was-so crispy it really was a pleasure to eat although the pineapple-y salsa like it was described on the menu wasn't quite as pineapple-y as I may have liked, but all the same it was a nice accompaniment to my dishes. I would probaly not choose the quesadilla next time as I think there are a few more interesting dishes on the menu, such as Sticky Chicken Skwers or the meatballs.

Tapas are made for sharers but I wouldn't suggest sharing with any more than three, as I think the portions are very small, so it could mean not trying something you have ordered if you go with a large group. Revolution de Cuba is perfect if you do go as a couple and order 5 or 6 dishes, I think there will be plenty and may also work out really cheap for a date night! If you are looking out for somewhere new to try for tapas and some cocktails this is a great place to go.

Have you tried tapas or cocktails at Revolution De Cuba before?
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