July Favourites

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I have had a busy few months in the first half of 2016 and this didn't stop for July.

I have been talking about visiting the Monsal Trail for months! I kept checking the weather forecasts and it seemed like every time we had planned to go, it forecast rain. However, this wasn't going to stop me from going this time and I layered up and prepared for the rain. The original plan was to get the bus from Sheffield to Millers Dale and then walk along the Trail and catch the bus back from Bakewell. Due to the rain, we decided to drive to a point on the Monsal Trail, just down the hill from Monsal Head, walk as far as we fancied and then head back to where we had parked. This was a lovely walk, taking in the countryside scenery and walking through the old tunnels. We walked about 7 miles, stopped halfway, had a picnic and walked back. I think when the weather is nice you could walk or bike ride for a lot longer, so I do want to head back when the weather is a little nicer.

Back in the world of personal grooming, I have been using White Glo when brushing my teeth, for a few weeks now and I can really tell the difference. I have not used any whitening products before but I am very impressed how easy this one is. You brush your teeth with something resembling a normal toothpaste, and then at suggested times in the day, you wear a flexible plastic mouth guard filled with a second whitening formula which should be left in contact with the teeth for a few minutes. On the packaging they say you can put your guards in while you shower, so saving time in the morning. I have tended to do this at night before washing my face. I haven't done a before and after as I am not really that confident about my teeth as I don't have an award winning smile but I feel that it really does a great job at whitening your nashers!

A few weeks ago we headed to Edale, and did a six mile walk along the start of the pennine way, through the fields and along the sides of rolling hills; I loved it. The first part of the path was through farmers fields, dodging the sheep and cows, it does make you feel like a real country Bumpkin! If you are thinking of heading there, please take your camera as it is really picturesque! Edale has a few pubs and a train station so I think it would be perfect place to stop off at if you are passing through. As I walked through, it felt so peaceful and would be a great place to stopover for a weekend, forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A few weekends ago, I headed to Skegness (otherwise known as Skegvegas) to see a few of my university friends. This was great as we timed it perfectly with the weather as it was really warm and did manage to get a little tan. It would have been rude to not have a ice-cream and fish and chips when at the seaside so I did let my healthy eating slip.... a little.

What places have you been visiting this summer?

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