Sightseeing in Dublin

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A few weeks ago, I headed to Dublin. It has almost become a tradition that my sister and I try to get away somewhere for our birthday.

We decided on Dublin this year, as it is somewhere I have been wanting to go for a while but have never got around to it. I didn't know much about Dublin's rich history either so it provided a great opportunity to learn about somewhere new, as it really is only a stones throw away...

There was plenty of sight seeing to do in Dublin and as we were there for a long weekend we booked to go on a City Bus Tour to get our bearings. I must admit I am not a huge fan of these as I have always though they are a little restrictive and I enjoy doing my own thing and going with the flow on holiday. However the CityScape Bus Tour helped us to find the best things to see, and provided a handy way of getting around the city.

The first place that I was eager to go to was the Guinness Storehouse, an opportunity to learn all about how Guinness was founded and to this day is made in Dublin, thanks in part to a 9000 year lease on the land taken out by Arthur Guinness. The Storehouse, I thought, was really reasonably priced and did include a pint of Guiness, which I got to pour myself and then enjoy on the rooftop terrace with views over the city and out to sea.

Before Dublin I was looking forward to trying Guinness as I hadn't ever tried it before, I think the colour and thick tar look of it always put me off, but I did really enjoy it. I think being in Dublin and drinking Guinness, was a winning combination! The tour showed you how the famous black stuff is made and how it has grown into an international phenomenon.

After wandering around, taking in the history of Dublin we went to the The Little Museum of Dublin to learn some more, in a cosy setting. This is a museum in the city centre, opposite Saint Stephens Green, in a glorious Georgian house. The Museum is really popular and I can see why! We did did pop in hoping to catch the last tour and did have to go back the next day, so if you are looking to visit you may need to plan this and book in advance. I think this Museum is great if you are doing a whistle stop tour as the guided part lasts about an hour and is a whistlestop tour of the history of Dublin.... and a little bit of U2 if thats what you're into.

One of the places that I was interested to find out more about was Kilmainham Goal. I knew nothing about this place before I went to Dublin, other than the fact that it is a must see. This was one of the highlights of my visit to Dublin, giving a brilliant insight to the history of the jail and its close connection to the events of the Easter Rising of 1916 Dublin. The tour guide managed to fit so much information into the hour long tour. It is by no means a happy place to visit as the personal stories left me feeling a little sad. Don't let this put you off though, because it is an incredibly important story to hear within the context of the history of Ireland.

Again, this is a very popular attraction and you can see why when you do visit here. We again tried to just turn up but as this is a tour guided visit only, and a busy one at that, it is advised to pre-book to make sure you do not miss out on seeing this great piece of Dublin history.

The National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, was a great visit. It was free of charge and full of interesting pieces of history, which date really far back in time. There was a great exhibition on bog bodies; ancient remains preserved for thousands of years. The feeling of standing next to a body over 2000 years old, where the hair is still on the head, really has to be experienced. You can easily spend all day here as there is so much to see! I think this also is handy on a rainy day as Dublin, like Britain does have it's fair share of rain.

The Famine memorial, is just along the river and is a bronze sculpture representing the Irish people who died or were forced to emigrate due to the famous famine.

There is plenty to see and do in Dublin so this is just what I managed to do in a long weekend. Have you been to Dublin before and what did you get to see?

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