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I headed here a few weeks ago, I had been meaning to visit for a while and upon finally getting round to it, I realised that The Bhaji Shop had moved. They were originally located on Chesterfield Road, but they have just moved to Kelham Island. I did panic a little when I noticed the old Bhaji Shop sign had been taken down, as I hadn't even got round to visiting, but it had only moved, so I was a little relieved when I managed to book a table.

It is now located in Kelham Island by the river, in a cosy setting with colourful decor and friendly welcoming staff. It is a Thali Cafe, so you have a mixture of curries and sides with your mains and then get to just choose if you fancy veg or meat in your dish - simple! I also enjoyed a Mango Lassi (cocktail) to wash it all down with, which was rich, so also a tasty dessert in itself.

I can't beileve how long it took me to visit this place, I wish I had been here before as I feel like I have missed out a little, so I will be making sure I visit again to try something else from the menu.

In may was also the Steel City Blog Meet, which I had been helping organise with Billie, Louise, Lauren and Becky. Finally, after months of stressful planing the event was here. The day did have a few hiccups but I was really happy with the atmosphere of the event and how well people did to interact and get to know each other. After all, that is what my goal is with events, to help Sheffield Bloggers come to together and have a good time.

The goodie bags were pretty impressive and did show how much hard work we put into working with brands. I am still testing out a few products but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them appearing in future posts soon.

A few weeks ago my family came to visit and I knew one place that they would love, The Broadfield. Who can go wrong with a warm and friendly pub serving great food and real ales? I have been here several times before for drinks and for food but not yet tried one of the famous pies which always look and smell amazing! I knew the time had come to throw my healthy eating out of the window for an evening and just enjoy a good pie, after all, everything in moderation and all that.  This was definitely worth it and was very filling. I tried the beetroot and feta pie, which I loved. The filling was super tasty and a nice twist on the traditional pie.

My new favourite bubble bar is The Comforter. I have tried many bubble bombs and bars and hands down this is my all time favourite, I feel like I am going to be going back and re-buying this over and over again. It lasts for ages as it is really concentrated so you only need a little piece and it bubbles up so much! The smell is like blackberry  chewing gum, okay so it doesnt have the bomb's impressive colour show when you drop it in the bath but it does make up for this with the bubbles and smell. I am just unsure why nobody has told me about this before?
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