Weekend in Cologne

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last month I headed to Cologne, in Germany. I hadn't visited Germany before so I was super excited to sightsee and see what Germany had to offer. After a two hour flight delay, by myself waiting at the airport I was very eager to reach some German Soil.

The first step was The Cathedral, this was Very Very Very BIG. From looking up you almost couldn't see the top of the The Cathedral, this was very impressive to think how someone might have made this many years ago. It was a dull day when I visited so it doesn't really show The Cathedral in its full glory but you can see how pretty impressive it is.

Another one of Cologne's famous landmarks is the river Rhine, which a great way to explore the city. When I visited Cologne it was when Germany was having a lot of storms so the river was very fast flowing. Over the river was the Hohenzollern Bridge, which like many famous landmark bridges contain a lot of locks.

Next on the sightseeing tour was The Museum Ludwig Koln, which contained famous art work by Fernand Leger. I am not usually one to jump up and down and Museums but I did really enjoy it and the Pop Art section of the Museum as this was my favourite.

We wanted to get a roof top view of Cologne so we headed to the Koln Triangle, where you can get a 360 degree view of Cologone. It was a little misty and foggy at the top of the tower but I think on a good day you will be able to see for miles all of Cologne.

So after all of the sightseeing, lets talk about the food and drink. I was excited to try some of local delicacies The Schnitzel, the local Kolsch Beer, the pretzels and the sourkout. First night I was excited to try a schnitzel, I am unsure if this was because I just like the way it sounds but it is breaded pork or turkey. I really enjoyed this but I did feel like it would be something you could have back in England but it does come with various sauces that does something different to the dish. I felt that Cologne does certainly love their CARBS, bread was everywhere. I think it would be very easily to put on a few pounds or STONES. I did have to try a pretzel as I don't usually like the ones in England as I find them a little chewy and not really tasting of much. I tried the cheese one, this I enjoyed, it was a little stogey so was a lot to eat a full one. After hearing a lot about souerkraut, I had to give this a try. If you haven't heard about this either, it is picked cabbage. When I hear picked cabbage I think about the stuff you get in jars but this is almost something completely different as it tastes sweet and is a great accomplimant to dishes. Finally, something to wash all that down with? Well... Kolsch, it is a pale ale and is very popular in Colgone, I am not a big fan of ales really but I did enjoy a few! Kolsch is protected by its geographial location as it needs to brewed 50km Cologne [Intreasting fact for you there].

Lindt Factory is also in Cologne the Schokoladen Museum, I know who would have thought that Lindt was German - well its not. The museum, talks about the history of Lindt, you get to see the production area and you do get to sample some chocolate. Overall, I wasnt that impressed but it is a worth a look if you do fancy learning about Lindt's history.

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