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I was kindly invited to go down to Valley Centertainment, an entertainment complex in Sheffield, for a night filled with activities organised by Carousl PR. I am a regular visitor to Centertainment anyway, however I was excited to see what the night was going to entail, and if it was going to uncover any hidden secrets I had not yet discovered.

First stop was Hollwood Bowl, for ten-pin bowling. Sadly I did get beaten badly - even with the barriers up! But this didn't stop me having a good time, as I really enjoyed it, it was a great laugh and something a little different for me as I haven't been bowling in ages. So that explains why I was so rusty at knocking down the pins! As well as bowling lanes, there is also food and drink on offer, with service to the lane booths if you wish, so it would be a great evening's entertainment with a group of mates.

Next was a visit to LazerQuest, I didn't do great at this either. I did sure as hell put my all into it, but as I was wearing a white shirt, this made me stand out incredibly and I just became everyone's first target. I still loved it though, and it is something I probably wouldn't have thought of doing as I think I would have felt a little old but I would definitely recommend this for a group of friends, no matter how old you are. Its a great laugh. Just don't gang up on the little kiddies, remember it isn't a real battle!

After all that running around it was time for some food, so we headed to Chiquitos. I needed a mojito to start with, to cool me down after the LazerQuest and Bowling. I loved the sombero hats we were given as this was great opportunity to take some photos! We then ordered some food. I choose the Mango Salsa Cod. I had previously eaten at Chiquitios before and had been a little miffed as the food was a little disappointing as it wasn't that tasty but the mango cod was delicious and really fresh so this changed my opinion slightly, but the service was a little slow, although this did give us time to get the cocktails down.

Paradise Island Crazy Golf followed, if you have read my March Favourites you will know that I have previously visited here and enjoyed it. It was great also to pop along with a few other bloggers as we could all talk about experiences here and show off our skills [winkey face]. We did try the second course this time, which was a little harder than the one I had previously tried.

After the golf, we headed to Frankie and Benny's for more cocktails are a dessert. The staff at Frankies and Benny's were really helpful about talking through the menu and did offer to bring out everyone samples of the desserts to try as we did find it difficult to choose which one to have. Sadly, before the desserts arrived I did had to leave, it was way past my bedtime.

I really enjoyed the whole evening and I would say it was a great way to pack everything in, for everyone to get together and have to have a giggle and a catch up! Get yourself down to Valley Centertainment the next time you're stuck for something to do, there will be something to suit your taste.

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