Where to Start with a Skincare Routine?

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This does seem like a bit of a strange post to write as I don't really have much of a skincare routine as I tend go with how my skin is looking or how I am feeling. This is because some days I might need a cleanse, tone and a face scrub and some days I might just have a cleanse and a quick spray of some toner water.

I think the most important bit to your skincare routine is to make sure you remove all your makeup and anything else which has built up on your skin during the day. This is to avoid clogging up your pores which will cause spots or blemishes, and I am sure nobody wants that. Up until I was about 13, I used to think the best way of doing this was by using a baby wipe and yes, this does a good job at taking most of it off, but it still does leave behind a fair amount of residue and can make your skin really sore and sensitive.

There are many different formulas to skincare from water based ranges to cream based ones, through to ones that tend to be more foam based, the list goes on. My biggest tip would be try as many as you can, until you find the one that really suits you, and there are a lot out there which can be affordable to test and to try out.

After a cleanse, I would follow this up with a toner. I usually use a toner water, my favourite is the Lush Eau Roma Water. I apply this either directly onto my face (not in the eyes) or on a cotton wool pad first. I think this ensures my pores are cleaned and gives a little hydration back into my skin. I do tend to use this throughout the day in the summer, or when I finished work and have just removed all my makeup; it brings your skin back to life. There are many toners out there, you may find one which does everything you want or you may need one to use in the summer and one in the morning or night after you have cleansed.

Finally, moisturise.... Well I do this in the morning but not at night. I never have, I prefer not to. The only time I will moisturise in the evening is if my skin has become dry through the course of the day, otherwise I will stay clear as I have never found a moisturiser that feels light and isn't doing to promote the appearance of spots during the night. In the morning I will always moisturise, even if I am not going to be wearing any make up. I think this helps give my skin a nice dewy glow and contains SPF so is really important when you are out and about in those UV Rays.

Once a week I will use a face scrub or an exfoliator, this is important if your skin is acting up or you are heading out as you need to remove the dead skin cells. This is really useful for all skins as it can bring some 'life' back into your face as I find it makes your skin glow and who doesn't want that?

Other things such as serums, night creams, exfoliating brushes, peels and eye creams really depend on your skin type and if you feel like you need them. If you feel like your skin needs something then test it out, look for samples and reviews on products before you head to that department store and splash your cash.

What is your skincare routine, is your's similar to mine?
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1 comment

  1. Your skin looks flawless! I like the idea of changing up your routine based on how your skin is feeling, that's a really great method :D sadly I have problems finding products for my skin, as it's super sensitive, so I mainly use water to avoid redness and irritation. I wish I could have a proper skincare routine! xx

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