April Faves

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Over the past few months this has become one of my favorite posts to write, all about what I have enjoyed doing in the previous month. It allows me time for a mini reflection, of what I have been doing, blogging about and trying out, and gives me chance to think of what I want to do again and try next month.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast! After I wake up, I hear my tummy grumble and I want some tasty food to fill it with. There are increasingly more options out there, restaurants and cafes popping up serving really great breakfast food.

I had been wanting to go to Tamper Coffee for ages! I have already been to lunch at the one just off division street, but this was a quick sandwich and a coffee, and I have been lusting after one of their breakfasts for months now. After realising we had nothing in the fridge for breakfast one week, I suggested Tamer Coffee and quickly before my boyfriend could change his mind, I was up, showered and dressed, ready to go.

I was not disappointed, as it did live up to my expectations. It is a Kiwi cafe so has many New Zeland twists and references, so something little different to anything I have seen elsewhere. We went at a good time as we managed to get a seat straight away, and when we left there was big queue... this just shows how good it is!

I had the eggs Benedict, with spinach, and it was so good and very filling.  My Boyfriend had the big breakfast, which also looked very yummy! On the menu they also do evening meals on a set menu, these sounded delicious so I do need to pop back and try these out.

This month, I did also manage to squeeze in another breakfast at The Grind Cafe, Kelham Island. I have been here before for lunch and loved it so I was excited to go back and try the breakfast. I wanted waffles with honey, yoghurt and fruit,  as someone next to me was eating it. However, somehow on the way to order this turned into bacon and maple syrup, which did look really nice but I am not a huge fan of sweet and savoury flavours together so I did swap this for the Smoked Haddock Rarebit that my boyfriend had ordered and this was delicious! I did not order this originally as I thought the haddock would be too fishy for breakfast but it really wasn't it was more subtly flavoured than I had imagined and I will be trying this again.

I have been a busy bee this month, I headed to Nottingham to see my younger sister and headed to York to see Billie and Louise, I have been a bit of a socialite, enjoying seeing people and drinking cocktails. I have been a real fan of cocktails lately, maybe a little too much but it doesn't hurt once in a while does it?

When I headed to Nottingham, I went to Planet Bounce. It is an indoor trampoline centre, with music and different trampoline activities. I was excited to try it out as I am a big kid at heart but also I think it is a good alternative to the gym to get fit and stay active. It was an hour long session and after an hour, I was in need of a lie down. The next day, I did feel like I had just had a full body workout as I ached all over so it must have been good excercise. Planet Bounce, is really aimed at teenagers but I think it was definitly a laugh. I think this would be good to go in a group as there is dodgeball activity and various ball games.

After the trampolining we did a spot of shopping and then headed to Turtle Bay, which again I have been meaning to try out for ages as there is not one in Sheffield. I think there is one coming soon though so I am super excited for that! I had a goats cheese flatbread and it was delicious, my sister had a pulled pork burger and it did blow her head off so it might not be a place to visit if you can't handle your spice.

In York, I met Billie and Louise at the train station, and we went to Las Iguanas for tapas and cocktails. I had been to Las Iguanas before but only for Nachos so it was nice to try tapas as I don't think this was on the menu last time. There was a cocktail happy hour so we also did manage to work our way through the menu|!

This is a little bit of a contrast to all the food and drink that I have mentioned but another thing that I have been enjoying this month is Spinning.. yes you did read that correctly. I have been going to a Spinning class for well over a month now and I have loved it. I already went to the gm 2-3 times a week but I felt like I needed something to help me stay motivated and vary things.

The classes are 30-45 minutes long and are a mixture of up hill climbs and going as fast as your legs will take you. The music is up-beat so helps you to keep your pace and motivation up, which I need, as before I was either running at my own slow pace and not getting anywhere or listening to my music and playing on my phone.  After the sessions, I do come out a little fragile - very sweaty and achy but I know that I have pushed myself to my limits which is the key to getting fit and loosing a few pounds.
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  1. I can't believe I still haven't eaten at Tamper! I came to Sheffield a couple of weeks ago but they were closing early! TYPICAL!

    Claudia xx