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I was invited to go along to the Lush Spring Event, and I was super excited as I am a huge fan of Lush. If you have read any of my previous posts you will notice I have been along to a few events already and have loved them. The lovely ladies at Lush had a mixture of different things going on at the event so there was something for everyone.

When we arrived we were greeted by Becki who explained the different stations and what was going to be going on and the treats that had been supplied by M&S. Firstly, I went over to look at the bath bombs, as I could see The Golden Egg glistening at me.

I then had the chance to make Butterball, a long standing favourite of mine. I had used this a few times before so I knew what the ingredients were, but it was really great putting them together in the pods to make my very own bath bomb. This was a little tricker than I expected but it did come out looking very much like Butterball, so I impressed myself with my bath bomb making skills.

We then heard all about the Spring and Mother's Day gifts and if you know Lush at all you will know that they're BIG on their gifts. They try to pick out the current favourites and put these together in the most beautiful packages and boxes that anyone would love to receive as a gift. Which makes a perfect excuse to 'treat' yourself as you can use the products and then keep the box, as if you needed an excuse. The ladies did demonstrations of a few Spring products, showing off the Ladybird bubble bar.

The final station that I got to visit was the shower section, centred around making your own shower cocktail experiments. I had not thought about this before, I have in the bath put a few products together but never in the shower. I think this is because I am usually in a rush as it is just before work so I don't really tend to spend much time on thinking about what I am using the shower.

I explained this and I was recommended a few products that I could use which would give me a feeling of being pampered in a rush or "rampered"? The products or ingredients in my shower cocktail were Beautiful, African Paradise and Sugar Scrub. I had used the Sugar Scrub before and I felt that it did do some scrubbing but was not that scented so I have not re-purschased, but after my cocktail I feel like this can be used in a different way, so I have seen it in a different light. Beautiful and African Paradise, I had not tried or really heard much about either of these before but I loved how silky soft and fresh it left my skin so I think I will popping back to get this soon so re-create my shower concoction.

I did not get chance to pop to the skincare station, as the end of the night did come around too quickly but I was lucky enough to get a pot of Catastrophe Cosmetic which is a skincare favourite of mine. Handy too as I had just ran out of this and I find it is really great for when I have breakouts or any blemishes that need taming. I find that the blueberries and the chamomile go really well together to help put your skin back into order.

After the event, we were kindly given a very generous goodie bag which contained lots of products which I am currently trying out so keep your eyes pealed for some more Lush posts coming your way soon!
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  1. I love a Lush set as a gift - can't go far wrong can you? :)