February Favorites


February is almost over, I can't believe how fast this year is going already, I think its going to be Christmas again before we all know it. But first I am hoping for some warmer weather as at the moment it just seems to be getting colder and colder

I shared with you all last month, my January favourites for trying to cure my post-christmas blues and just wrote about things that I loved during that month. February favourites is going to be much of the same, so YAY for more positive posts.

This month I have been trying to stay on my healthy routine by cutting out the rubbish in my diet and staying more active. I don't stick to diets, I find them a little too restrictive for me, and once I stop I tend to revert to old habits. Not that theres anything wrong with dieting that way, its just not for me as I prefer a little more freedom, and if I want that chocolate biscuit I will have it, but I know that I either need to be good for the next few days or get my arse to the gym. I am no expert but I think the key to it is eat a little of everything in moderation and not being too strict with yourself as I am sure nobody likes being told what to do or eat all of the time. Its trying to find that lifestyle you can stick to.

One way I have found to try and be more active is to start walking again/more, I do tend to walk more in the spring/summer as its nice after work to catch some sunshine but there is plenty to see in the winter too. For a break just before valentines day, I went to the Lake District where there are plenty of walking adventures to be had, and beautiful sights to see.

I hadn't ever been to the Lake District before, to be honest I wasn't too sure where it was. For anyone like me, it's in North West England, just past Lancaster - in case you didn't know. It was only a brief stay in the Lake District but we did get to see plenty of impressive sights, Bowness on Windermere, where views stretched right across the lake, and Coniston, where a mountain named 'the old man of coniston' sat with his head in the clouds. I think this would be a great place to hire out a log cabin and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The final stop before we headed home was Morecombe Bay. There were signs to say there was a carpark on the beach, but this was still flooded as the tide was in, so we did almost end up parking in the sea! The beach is really flat, and the water really peaceful and calm. Signs telling you about how dangerous the quicksand is were a little worrying though! I think this would also be a great place to re-visit in the summer and book a little cottage overlooking the seafront.

My next favourite here is Sheffield Bloggers. I have been banging on about Sheffield Bloggers for ages, hoping there were going to be more and more events, and more bloggers. Now I finally feel like we have a lovely little blogging community and the events keep popping up. I had four events last week so I'm sure over the next few months this is going to keep on growing and growing!

So February has been a busy month for me, with a little bit of everything. What have been your February favourites?
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  1. This is so interesting as I grew up in the Lake District and I have to explain where it is whenever I say where I'm from ha ha. I'm studying at Uni in Manchester but moving to Sheffield this month! I'd love to get involved with Sheffield Bloggers and get to know some locals. Really enjoyed your post and glad you had chance to visit the Lakes. They are beautiful ^-^


    1. ahh yeah, I'm glad its not just me who is rubbish with geography. YES, please do. I am always looking to meet more bloggers in Sheffield, there is a few of us going around now. xxxx

  2. Lake District looks really interesting, it's funny because the first photo I saw of it I thought it was something from a movie. I don't know why, but I really feel like that would make the perfect movie setting...it just looks so serene and isolated.


  3. Sheffield Bloggers sounds like fun. I'm moving up to Sheffield in 6 months and I really want to get involved with the blogging community up there. Can you tell me how I find out more?

    My equivalent to February Favourites: http://counter-cultural-counter-couture.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/february-praise-post.html