January Favourites

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This week's post is all about my January favourites; things that I have loved doing or using, to combat those post-christmas blues. At this time of year there seem to be a lot of melancholic moods around, and rather than joining in and writing a post on how crap the weather is or focusing on the negatives, I thought I would write about things I have enjoyed this month.

On my way to and from work, I have been listening to the "Serial" podcast, a production from "This American Life". I am a little late to the party with this one, as it originally came out, to lots of hype last year, but I have just finished series/season one and I have been gripped by the mystery, almost looking forward to my bus ride to work. Season two is currently available in podcast form, with new episodes released weekly, so if you need something to listen to on your way to work, this may be right up your street.

I won't give any spoilers away, but season one attempts to uncover the truth about a murder, and focuses on trying to examine the guilt (or otherwise) of the victim's ex-boyfriend who was convicted of the crime and is currently serving time in prison. The narrative takes the listener through police evidence and interviews people for their accounts of the story.

I bought the Jamie Oliver recipe book "Everyday Superfood" just after Christmas, a time when EVERYONE is on a health kick. I wanted to try out some new ideas for tea-times and to help me stay healthy and away from the takeaway menus. The recipes in this book are not as quick to put on the table as 15 minute meals, but it does use everyday ingredients and turn them into healthy dishes. 

One of my favourites from this book has been the Super Squash Lasanga, I love it! It does take over an hour to cook, so may not be one if you are after a quick tea after work, but its so very tasty and filling too. The Fish Taco's and Bombay Chicken are winners for an afterwork dinner, these are a little quicker to cook and are full of mouthwatering flavours. 

I'm slowly making my way through the book. Some of the ingredients aren't what I usually have in my cupboard, so I only tend to make one of these a week, as I think it could turn out pretty pricey buying in all the special ingredients at once, but this is a great book to grab if you fancy making something a little special but also want to watch the calories. 

I hit the boxing day Lush sale hard this year, it was really to stock up on my Christmas favourites and to get my treasure chest nice and full. This has made sure that I am going to be having interesting baths for the months ahead. As who doesn't love a hot bath when it's all chilly outside?

There were a few bath bombs which I hadn't had chance to try when they were full price, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to try them, as they were half price. Dashing Santa and Egg Nog are two of these, I hope these are part of the Christmas range next year as I can't wait to use them again.

What have you been up to to avoid the January blues? 2016? Bring it on!

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  1. Lovely little read. I've also done a January favourites so it's interesting to see what others have been enjoying this month :) Great to see you looking on the bright side of this long, dark month! Thanks for sharing your faves.