Christmas Traditions

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Everyone has there own Christmas traditions each year. They might not even recognise it as a tradition as it comes so naturally but you end up doing it every year but I think everyones has different ways and I thought I would share mine with you.

My routine has changed recently as I no longer live with my mum, so I had to decide what traditions I wanted to keep and what I wanted to lose, to make it my very own. First things First, before December starts I have to have an Advent Calander and Candle. Well.... how else will I know what the date is during December. This means every morning or night depending on how you feel about eating chocolatte in the morning you can have a little treat from Santa.

Next I have to start thinking about the Christmas decorations and how I want the house to look. This year it was our first year in the house so this meant I got to 'borrow' some old vintage decorations from my Mum so I can start building my own collection. Then the big tree debate comes, real or fake? I am still undecided on this, I always want what I don't have, I love the smell of real but I don't think they look as nice as fake one as it is sometimes can end up looking a little sparse by the middle of December.

Then it's the presents, I tend to start planning this early. I send out a few fealers to see what people need and want, I think it's always nicer when they can tell that you have been listening to them moan since September about needing a new handbag or a pair of shoes. Rather than pestering them the week before Christmas, asking them what they want as you don't have a clue what to get them.

Mulled Wine... every excuse possible to drink Mulled wine, do you even need one IT'S CHRISTMAS after all.

So you have the presents sorted but what about the wrapping? Do you go with gift bags and no wrapping or tin foil. I have been, for many years, putting a lot of time and effort into my wrapping, I don't really mind that it all goes in the bin. I just love wrapping with a Christmas film on, its like spreading some Christmas cheer to myself. As I go BIG on wrapping paper I tend to be on to look out for something which is just what I am looking for or have in mind from the end of November to make sure I am ready. I did used to leave all of my wrapping until Christmas Eve whilst watching a film last minute but after years of frustrating the hell out of my mum and sisters I have decided to become the eager beaver and wrap my presents weeks in advance so I can sit back and look smug whilst everyone else stresses about not getting everything done on time.

Christmas Eve, so do you sit back and wait for the day to end whilst tracking Santa's trail or do you spend time feeling like Santa delivering all the presents to your family? I will be doing a bit of both this year but will be tracking Santa like a child before bed. Then feasting on a cheese board with some mulled wine to finish the day.

So what about the big day, do you have to get washed and changed before you are allowed to touch your presents or rush downstairs for the nearest present under the tree in your pjyamas. I wake up with a cup of tea, usually made my me in my best effort to perk everyone up after waking them up ridiculously early before opening my presents.

What are your Christmas routines, I would love to hear them.
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  1. I wish I had more Christmas traditions. I think when we have a bigger house it'll be easier to do all these Christmassy things! I also think that when kids come along there will be lots more to do to make it a really exciting time.
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