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Last weekend I was invited along to the showroom at Nest; situated just off the Parkway in Sheffield. I used to work two minutes away from there but I must admit that I didn't know it existed, and I used to think that I was pretty clued up about Sheffield brands.

The event was arranged by the PR company Mk things happen and it was a over a month ago that I had originally planed to go along, so I was eagerly waiting for the date to come around so I could see what exciting things Nest had in-store. 

When I arrived the lovely girls at Nest had organised a Blogger's breakfast with the help from Marmadukes, which I had been meaning to try for a while now but haven't got around to it. There was plenty of tea and yummy cakes - the diet did get put on hold for this day but it was most definitely worth it. At the breakfast we had chance to mingle with the other bloggers and the girls from Nest, this was great as there were a few people at the event who I had not met before. It's a shame when you don't get the chance to introduce yourself and say hello. 

After filling ourselves up on cakes, yoghurt and blueberries we heard from the girls at Nest. This was interesting as I love hearing how brands start and the voices behind the brand. I find that hearing about this really helps me connect with their philosophy, and this was no different with Nest and the understanding of what they have in store in the future. 

Nest is entirely based in sheffield, with the showroom just off the Parkway and the distribution centre about three miles down the road, all of which is handy. In the showroom they tried to showcase the products customers were asking the most about, to show how they might looked in a real life setting - I know, I struggle with this sometimes too; I like the look of something in a magazine or online but after it arrives it often doesn't look or feel how I expected. Nest understand this and can provide samples of the products to allow you to get an idea of how something is before it arrives. They also have an online chat and a questions and answers page - to interact with customers as they intend to connect with people and not appear robotic, even though they are an online brand. 

The design of the Nest products aims to be functional and user friendly - This is something I am a fan of, as some things can look pretty but are pretty useless if you can't use them how you want to. The products have been compared to those of Ikea as they do have a Scandinavian influence within their designs, but they pride themselves on long lasting products, investment pieces, so potentially a range of higher quality products with an individual feel, for when you have outgrown your Ikea furnished starter home. 

The Nest products are made by designers, where a few of my favourite pieces were by Hay, Vitra and Flos. As these designer pieces, they are aimed at professionals, and come with a higher end price tag, but I do feel they are worth this extra investment, as quality is shown through the materials as well as design. You're getting what you pay for with Nest products essentially, so if you can afford that little bit extra and want to dress your home courtesy of different designers, then Nest may be exactly what you are looking for.

When the products are delivered they can install them for you and take the packaging away. This is another helpful service, as I love buying new things, but hate having to get rid of the rubbish that comes along with them.


 Have you had any experience of the Nest designer product range?

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