Magic Wand

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I have been wanting to try a Lush bubble wand for a while now, so when I saw this new Magic Wand in the Lush Christmas range, I had to buy it. Who doesn't want to magic up their own bubbles?

The wand smells just like Snow Fairy, so if you are a huge fan of this, as I am, then you need to make sure you try this. I stocked up last year so I was able to smell of Snow Fairy until Easter as unfortunately the Christmas products are not available all year around, I think that is a good thing as you might not get excited if you saw them all of the time.

When using this, you need to run it under the hot water and swirl it around, creating bubbles and make a wish. The more you swirl the more bubbles you get, so you could stretch this out for a lot of baths if you wanted to. I have already used this twice and there is plenty left for at least four more baths, so you do get a lot for your money with this product.

After using the product, like the shampoo bars, you have to let them dry. I do find this difficult this time of year as they never really dry by the time I am going to use it again, so can create a bit of a mess at the side of the bath but I do think you get that with a few of reusable products. One bonus of this though, while the Magic Wand is drying in the bathroom you will get a subtle smell of well known Snow Fairy.

The Magic Wand not only creates bubbles and makes your dreams come true* but also turns the water a pale pink colour under all the off the bubbles. I think this would make a great stocking filler for Christmas and an alternative if you were a fan of Snow Fairy but do fancy trying something different.

If you are thinking of googling 'Magic Wand' please don't do it in front of any prying little eyes, as there is another 'adult' version of a Magic Wand.

*Not guaranteed
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