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A few weeks ago, I headed to Hallam FM for the Everything 5 Pounds event. I heard a few things about Everything 5 Pounds but I did think this was just for shoes, I didn't realise they did clothes and even home wear now. I hadn't previously bought anything from the site as I was unsure how good the quality would be with each item only being five pounds.

When I heard about the event I was excited to see the products and to have a little nosey around at Hallam FM. When I arrived I was greeted by Louise from Everything 5 Pounds, it was an informal event so we chatted about the brand and with the fellow bloggers who also came along, there were a few friendly faces so it nice to have a catch up with some fellow bloggers.

Louise described how the company works, they get all the stock from when stores order a little bit too much, and rather than letting it to go waste they sell it to Everything 5 Pounds for their website. They are unable to show the tags in the clothing so you may need to do some detective work to find out what brand it is, Louise mentioned that she has previously seen ASOS brands, New Look and a few designers. Which is great value as who doesn't want a designer label for a fiver.

For a fiver the clothing that was brought along was great value, some of the products wouldn't nesscarily be to my own taste but for a fiver I don't think you can go wrong really. I know when I was a student this would have been a great way for me to keep with the current trends while not hitting my student loan too badly.

I am planning on making a little haul on the website this afternoon as I was kindly given a twenty pound voucher, so with twenty pounds I could have a brand new outfit. Once this has been delivered, I will be blogging about this.

Have you ordered anything from Everything 5 Pounds before?
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1 comment

  1. I never understand how do they keep everything priced at £5? No amtter what you see at the website, every single thing is priced £5 and that's really awesome. I have never ordered from there because I get really suspicious when I think about the quality.