Exploring Malta

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I visited Malta on holiday last month, I have already talked about the food so this post is all about exploring Malta and places to visit. Prepare yourself as it is a little photo heavy, but I felt a picture paints a thousand words, and this is the best way to show you what I am talking about. Particularly with Comino, words don't really do it much justice. 

St Julians
We stayed In St Julian's, this was a perfect location for the restaurants and to overlook the harbour bay. It did have a busy road passing through but once we were inside our hotel this was quickly forgotten about, the hotel was called Juliani. Hotel Juliani is a boutique hotel and prides itself on a peaceful atmosphere and a relaxing environment, I loved this hotel it had a roof top pool with on tap cloudy lemonade, it was a sun trap so great for building up that St. Tropez tan.

St Julian's is convenient to get around and get to places, as there was a bus stop across the road and it can take you all over the island. Before we visited Malta, when I was telling people where I was going, many people mentioned the buses and I can see why now. St Julian's has lots of restaurants overlooking the bay and this is really pretty at nighttime with the lights.

Mdina was just over an hour by bus from St Julians, it is situated on a hill so does have some idyllic views to look out to as you can see all around the island from the top. Mdina was so peaceful and quiet to look around, so you can see why it does get called the silent city.


Valletta is the capital city of Malta and is full of history and things to see so I was excited to visit. We traveled here from Silema by ferry, this was a short trip but was super fun as this was the first time I had been on a ferry. Once the ferry arrived at the shore, there was a short walk up hill to the city, we started exploring by heading to the Fort st. Elmo. The fort is only open at weekends but from the outside there was still plenty to see, then we headed the Upper Barrakka gardens. This was overlooking the habour and there was fire works being set off every few minutes, which was a little usual, we never worked out what they were for. It was a super hot day so we did have a sit and look over to the harbour, the gardens were super pretty so would have been a perfect place to take a picnic.

After the gardens we walked back into the centre of the city to visit St. John's Co Cathedral, I had heard a lot a of things about this cathedral. I must admit, it didn't look like there was much to see on the outside, looking more like a fortress than a church, but you had to wait until you got inside as it was full of golden painted wall murals and grafted marble floors. There was a tour which you listened in to and was available in many languages, this was handy as it was interesting to listen to as you went around the Cathedral.

Silema is place to go for shopping as it has plenty of shops and two shopping centres. I felt that Silema was the more tourist-y part of the city as it didn't have much history left so it did feel like it could have been a city like back in England as it had a lot of commercial shops, which don't get me wrong sometimes is nice to do a bit of shopping but I am not usually a huge fan when I am on holiday.

Silema is pretty central part of Malta so is handy to a ferry or a boat from the harbour to travel across the island. It also has plenty of nightclubs so might be handy if you do fancy a spot of clubbing or throwing some shapes.

On holiday we were pretty lucky with the weather as it was really hot apart from one day, when thunderstorms were expected but we were lucky and it just rained all day. As there wasn't much to do in the rain we headed to Bugibba to visit the aquarium, to see some some sharks. After the aquarium we did wonder around Bugibba but there wasn't that much to see really other than a few touristy shops, it was quite run down also so I wouldn't recommend visiting here unless it is a rainy day and you need to spend time inside.

Comino is an island between Malta and Gozo and is home to the blue lagoon bay, which I felt like was a must sea [get it?] The blue lagoon has white beaches and light blue water, the island has no cars and only one hotel, but it isn't that peaceful, as on a summery day there is a flock with the sunbathers. We traveled here by ferry and it was little choppy as there was a storm the day before so I wasn't a huge fan of this but on the way back on the ferry we got got to see the coves.

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