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I have always been one for volume and big hair, so I am always trying new ways to keep the volume and stop it from looking flat. I remember I used to backcomb my hair to add volume but years of doing this and with bleaching my hair, it has taken it's toll. I have been swaying more to towards products which provide volume, rather than styling like that and in the process adding damaging heat.

Batiste products have been my go-to for styling, not only for the days when I can't bare to get out of bed an extra twenty minutes earlier to wash my hair, but also to add a bit of 'oomph'. Hairspray I find tend to keeps my hair in place but can weigh my hair down so it goes flat when I leave the house.

When I saw Batiste Stylist Texture Me spray with the dry shampoo range, I did just think it was another dry shampoo in a different colour or flavour, as there are many varieties now in the range but I quickly glanced the tin and spotted 'On the spot super sexy hair' and who doesn't want super sexy hair?

I have used this product a few times already and have loved it. I tend to use it in the morning to boost my roots and it has given my locks volume, and it has been long lasting. I think I would still use hairspray on a night out but this is great for a day time look. If you are like me and do tend to play with you hair a lot... not in a finger twisting flirty way, but running your fingers through now and again, it does hold quickly so you have you may end up with strands of hair standing up.

This I found even though its not a dry shampoo it does help hide my unwashed hair, as my hair does get a little flat as it gets weighed down with products in between washes, so this does a great job of hiding it by giving it volume and it's not a greasy texture.

At the moment there is a third off this in Boots so if you do fancy trying this, now would be the perfect time.
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