Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

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I have had this Bubbleroon for a few months and have been slowly making my way through my Lush goodies. I know another Lush product but this one has recently had a revamp so it would have been rude not to talk all about it.

Since the revamp, this has got bigger, more macroon shaped and now has glitter, so Yuzu and Cocoa just got an upgrade. I loved it before the added goodness, but who doesn't want more glitter and a bigger bath bomb? I must admit before I did think that it didn't look that much like a macroon but now there is no mistaking what this Bubbleroon is meant to be.

With this bigger Bubbleroon, I think there is a little too much to have in one bath, so I managed to use this in three baths, you probably could even stretch it out a little further if you want to be a savy with your purschases.

I think the trick with this bubble bar is to make sure you crumble this in the bath as the more crumbling and mixing around... means more BUBBLES. I have before just dropped it in and waited for the magic to happen and nothing ever did so do make sure your not disappointed and get mixing it around when you crumble it in your bath.

The Bubbleroon is full of coconut oil and shea butter so will leave you feeling silky soft after the bath so is great for a night time bath, for relaxing and winding down after a busy day. With the chocolatte and orange fragrance this smells good too so is a little treat for your smell senses too.

The bubbles did disappear before I was ready to get out. I'm not sure whether this is a sign I spend too long in the bath or that its not that bubbly but I think it might have been due to using the Bubbleroon a little too thriftily.
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