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I went to Malta a few weeks ago, as you could probably tell from my spamming of photos and tweets while i was away. There was plenty to see, do, and eat, so I thought I would spilt this into a few posts so they aren't too photo heavy, this post is all about the food.

First night we wandered around trying to figure out what was around and where to go and see. After a good half an hour we were really hungry and I noticed Badass Burgers, I had seen this before on the way to the hotel, and with a name like Badass Burgers, I was expecting great burger related things!

I ordered a pint of Cisk, local Maltese larger, a Rocky burger and some sweet potato fries. The Rocky was served with rocket, tomatoes, cheese and a beef patty. The burger was served medium rare which I am sometimes a little unsure about as I don't like to see pink in my meat but I found the rareness of the meat made it more juicy and tasty! The Cisk went great with the burger but who doesn't like a good pint and a burger!

The burger was tasty but I felt it was a little bland, almost like it was lacking in something so not exactly badass. There is plenty of other burgers to try so if you are making a visit I would try another one to see if it has a little more flavour, but overall not too bad with a pint.

Our hotel had a restaurant called Zest. We had the delight of smelling the cooking from the rooftop terrace in the day and it smelled delicious, so I was eager to give it ago. Zest aims for a fusion of eastern and western flavours. We loved Zest so we did go again to test out something else on the menu! 

The menu has a variety of options so great if you want to try something a little different or something that you might not have tried before. The restaurant is over looking St Julian's bay and when it's dark it's super pretty to look out over, so when we booked a table I asked for this to be over looking the bay and it was lovely!

The first time we visited I had the scallops to start, this is something I have been wanting to try for a while now, but have been a little scared to try to cook myself as I have heard they can be a little tricky. The scallops reminded me of a juicy cod, it was served with garlic and ginger, organic salad and mojito dressing. The mojito dressing was really nice and a great twist, I think after this I have fallen in love with scallops.

For my main I had seafood teppanyaki, I have had plenty of teppankyaki before at various east asian restaurants and sometimes they can be just covered in soy sauce and nothing else, but this with seabass, salmon and prawns I felt went well with the teppanyaki sauces. It was served with some boiled rice. I did feel that the dish lacked some spice or some heat, I think this would have complemented the fish nicely.

This is a photo of the pan fried duck served with a tomato jam, I don't feel like this photo does it much justice as it did look amazing and tasted it too. The tomato jam isn't something I would have put with duck but it was a nice twist on the classic plum sauce which usually comes with it. 

Finally, from Zest I had the Sous Vide French lamb rack. Lamb isn't anything I usually get from a restaurant menu as I really don't like blood coming from my meat, I know I have been told thousands of times how tasty it is but it just really puts me off. I did ask our waiter and he said this was served rare but had no blood so this was music to my belly. The herb crumbed lamb rack came with a sweet potato mash, fennel, and mango salsa.

Again not a combination I would have put together lamb and mango but it was amazing, it made the lamb really fresh and complimented it really well, I think this would be a great dish to have in the summer as it was refreshing.

We had been eyeing up a restaurant along the bay but we weren't sure which restaurant it was or how to get to it. After a little researching and exploring we discovered Gululu, it was over looking the bay again... are you getting the theme yet? They were really busy but the manager especially opened the second room so we could sit outside and look over the balcony, he said they might be a little wait for the food but I don't think I could have faulted the service, it was quicker than other restaurants I had been to previously. 

The food was delicious I had a cheese tarlet to start and a pasta dish with maltese sauce and a creamy sauce. The portions of food were HUGE so do make sure you starve yourself before you go just to make room as you will want to eat it all. 

Next door to our hotel was a restaurant called 1927, after a struggle trying to get in through the wrong door and nabbing the last table in front a of a few other prospective guests, we were seated. I love the feel of this restaurant, it was relaxed and chilled and so many people were coming in asking if they had any tables but because it was so busy they had to be turned away.

For my starter I had an antipasti platter, I was originally going to have this all to myself until the waiter advised we shared this as it was meant for two people. It was served with various meats and breads. For my main I had mussels in a white wine sauce, they were some of the best mussels I had ever tasted, I wanted to lick the bowl clean as the sauce was so tasty. Sadly, I was a little ill afterwards, which I am putting down to the mussels, I am unsure if this was the restaurants fault or a bad mussel, but it would not put me off going back there if I ever visited Malta again.

Malta isn't that big on breakfasts, they tend to wait until lunch or have a pastry, so there weren't that many places to grab a breakfast, but we did discover U Bistrot which was in the next habour to St Julians, so only a five minute walk. We did look at going in U Bistrot previously but it was a little early in the day and they weren't open so we did go somewhere else.

The second time we were going past it was a little later in the day so the restaurant was open and had plenty of customers inside and out of the restaurant. We went for the eggs bendict, the eggs were very yellow and the sauce was really creamy, and the Full English, which I was very jealous of as it looked great.

In St. Julians Bay was Cuba, it was a popular restaurant which was a chain as they also had another restaurant in the next town. It was always full of people and because it did look like a chain restaurant I was originally a little put off as I always wanted to try something different but after fancying a pizza and a pint all day and a little eyeing up the menu, I knew it was time to try out Cuba.

I went for the tridente, its perfect if you are like me and can't ever make your mind up. This pizza was a three-in-one. It doesn't look that promising but it was FULL of cheese, beef and salami. It was a  little stodgy so I didn't manage to eat it all but I do wish I could eat it all again.

We had gone past The Villa a few times and really wanted to try it out as from the outside it looked really fancy. We were unsure if we were going to get a table as we thought that it would be really popular and there was a little wait when we arrived but they did mange to find us a table.

I had the fillet of gray.. apparently its a fish, I can't say that I have ever heard/tried it before but it was super tasty. It came with a mustard mash and avocado sauce. It did have a few bones but it was so well cooked that it did just fall off the bones.

The Villa was just as we thought it would be, great service and great food. I loved the decor of The Villa, it was super pretty with the lights and music. They also served cocktails at another part of restaurant which I would have loved to have tried if we had time but we full up from the tasty food and wine. 

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