Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

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I got 'Fuji Green' Bath Tea for my birthday. I didn't even realise body shop did bath products, let alone bath tea! So I was super eager to try it out! 

This product is great if you love bath products but sometimes can't be bothered with the hassle of cleaning out the bath afterwards; as most are pretty but do leave an aftermath! This bath tea is great as you put the bath salts in the defuser and there is vertually no mess = no cleaning (so a big yay from me).

As the product is a bath tea, there are no bubbles, one aspect which I do miss so I have been adding some bubbles in my tub as well, but I do love the fresh scent the green tea gives. I love using this after a busy weekend so it can refresh me for the week ahead.

I am hoping body shop release more bath teas as I love this one and it would be great to try some more.

Have you tried bath tea before, what are your thoughts? 

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