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Last weekend I was up super early to head to Nottingham for the #Nottsbloggermeet15. I went to University in Nottingham so I love going back and wishing I was still a student. I went on the train with Hannah and met other bloggers at the train station. I love meeting other bloggers on the way to or just before events, as I find you can sometimes really get chatting and get to know someone before the event, and it is a little bit less daunting if you go with a few people, rather than walking in by yourself. 

From the train station we headed to Lush, this was only a short walk. Outside Lush ready and waiting were the other bloggers. I don't often attend events in Nottingham, so there were a lot of new faces who I hadn't meet before, which is always nice as I love meeting more bloggers. 

We headed into Lush where, as usual, the staff were super friendly and full of knowledge for their products. We all gathered around and heard how to make a Creamy Candy Bubble bar, I am really fanciated by this. I would love to visit the Lush kitchen just to see how it is all made and put together, I love things like that. 

We all had a go at mixing the ingredients together and then we all moulded our own bar and added the flowers. This then needed twenty four hours to set before we could pop into in the bath. I haven't used it just yet but I think I should be able to get a few baths out of it. 

We then heard about how some of the current products would be getting a re-vamp, which is great news as sometimes there isn't a need for new products, you might just need to look at what you already have for inspiration. My favourites were Rose Jam, I used the shower gel at Christmas and fell in love with the scent so I can't wait to try this out. I did pick one up so I will be making the most of it and hopefully doing a review in a few weeks. Yuzu and Cocoa have also been revamped, I loved this one already but even more now, both of the products have been made bigger and some of ingredients have been removed and others added. 

Lush also talked about the revamp of the shampoo bars, I am huge fan of Honey I washed my hair. It is great for hair like mine, dry and damaged. With shampoo bars they do take some getting used to but now when I am in the shower they are my go to product. I did manage to get a bar of Honey I washed my hair so I can't wait to try that out and see how it has changed. 

After the Lush demonstrations we did a little bit of shopping and then headed for lunch at Jamie's Italian. I did live in Nottingham for three years but I didn't get the chance to try Jamie's out, so I was looking forward to this. I had been trying to be good all week, with my hoilday coming up but I did decide to treat myself here. I had Calamri to start, duck leg for my main and a sour cherry tart to finish. It was really tasty food, my favourite was the duck leg, the salad was full of flavour and colours. 

There was a raffle, which I was lucky to win a few prizes from Sass&Belle, Lilly Rose Co and Wild-Olive. I have been super lucky lately with my luck on raffles at events but this set was lovely, it was nice to win some gift products and not just hair or beauty. 

After the event we were given goodie bags jammed packed full of goodies from great brands.

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