The City Girls Event - Leeds

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I was super lucky at the last minute to get a ticket for this event, after somebody couldn't make it. I wasn't lucky enough to grab myself a ticket originally because it was a Leeds event, and I was a little gutted as I knew how good it would be after the Sheffield event earlier in the year. On the morning of the event, I did a little bit of twitter stalking to see if a spare place was going and I'm glad that I did.

I've been to Leeds a few time for events and its only a short train journey away, so I don't mind the traveling, plus the Leeds Bloggers are all really friendly so it is nice to catch up with them every now and again, as most of the events I go to are in Sheffield. 

The event was hosted again by Holly and Lorna at The Liquorist in Leeds. The Liquorist is a short walk from the station so perfect if you are doing a spot of shopping and need some cocktails to keep you hydrated. It was a very hot day and I was on a very packed train as it was the races and a few events in York so I was in serious need of some cocktails.

When the event started we got introduced to Holly and Lorna and what the plans were for the day. It was similar to the Sheffield event, where we could chat to brands if we wanted to and grab drinks. I loved this from the previous event as sometimes it is a little nicer than sitting listening to brands taking, as it might not be something you are intrested in and this allows you more time to speak to the brands you do want to speak to, and find out a little more about. They explained that there were little gift tables around the brands we could chat to, Body Shop, Benefit showing off there new coloured massacras and eyeliner, Nails by Ivy, Manuka Doctor and Kendelle.

After the introductions we heard from Suzie from Women's Aid in Leeds. She spoke about the charity and how they support women who are affected by domestic violence. There was a raffle and all of the proceeds were going to Women's Aid. With my pluck lately and after the Sheffield event where I was super lucky and won millions of prizes I wasn't expecting to win anything, but I won a Manuka Doctor hair mask and tea for two at the Sky Lounge.

I was super intrigued by the new coloured masrcas and liners by Benefit so I made sure I popped over there for a chat. I usually avoid eye liner as my eyes are pretty small and i think they make my eyes even smaller but I did get a thin line and I think i may try this more often... also with the blue mascara It really did open up my eyes... no more crab eyes.

There were treats from Brown and Blond, these were the best brownies EVER... FACT.

After the event, the goodie bags were handed out. As soon as I got it, I wanted to rummage my way through and see what was inside. I'm like a kid at Christmas.

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