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A few weeks ago I headed to the Panache office in Sheffield, where they were showcasing their current ranges to Bloggers, and talking about how the brand was established. Also on the agenda was a nice little insight into how they go from mood-boards and ideas, to stocking their Bra's in stores or online.

Panache is a family run business, which started 30 years ago in the U.K, their items are sold in Selfridges, Boutiques and online. They range from B-K bust sizes and they focus on a customer's trust in the product. They design bras which you put on in the morning and almost forget you are wearing several hours later, and this is down to comfy products in sizes which stay the same year on year.

Panache do different ranges of bras, there is Panache Swim, Cleo - the younger brand, full of polka-dots and bright colours (my favourite), Cleo Swim, Panache Sport - Sports bra's and activewear, Panache Black (the bread and butter brand), and styled for glamour - full of satin and lace fabrics.

Panache focus on Woman Sexy and not Men sexy - so women are buying underwear for themselves, because they want to feel sexy themselves, and not necessarily just for that special person in your life. I love this philosophy, as who doesn't love wearing a new matching set?!

In their advertising they don't alter the photos in anyway - unless it's light retouching for the colour. As the brand is online it is important that the colour reflects true to life as possible... there is nothing worse than a package arriving and it looks nothing like it did online. 

At the event we managed to get a sneak peak around the Panache workshop, where they make up samples for testing before going into to production. It was great to see how the products start from photos on a mood boards and predictions of trends of the upcoming seasons. Then half-cups are made (half a bra), so the collection can be put together to see how they look together, and if they all have a common theme across the range. Once the range is agreed upon it is made for the sale teams, who go out to stores to sell to the public.

I originally discovered Panache at the City Girls Event, where I managed to get myself a new bra, it was the Minnie and since getting this I have fallen in love with Panache! I was very lucky to get myself myself the Marcie from attending this event and it is great looking and fitting!
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