OGX Anti-breakage Keratin Oil

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I have been trying lots of different products on my hair recently, due it being in bad condition after years of bleaching and not having regular cuts. It started falling out, LOTS and in the fear of being bald I decided I needed to try and be nicer to my hair.

I started with a regular cut, I tend to now go every six weeks. It has now got to the stage when I'm going back and my hairdresser is saying I have no spilt ends, so I must be doing something right.

One thing I have tried to do is use products containing keratin, this is because it helps the hair repair and not just look repaired... if that makes sense.

I use OGX anti-breakage keratin oil when I have just towel dried my hair, and between washes on my ends as they do tend to get really dry. I find it helps tame my hair and leave it looking shiny looking and feeling thicker.

I have had this for a few months now and it has lasted really well, even though I am using it everyday, so it is well worth your money.

I'm going to Malta in just over a month and I will be taking this with me. The sun can really dry out my hair, so I do tend to use oils and this is so easy and weightless so is great for when you are around the pool.

Have you tried any of the other OGX products before?

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