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Feather and Bone, is a fairly new brand and not one which I have heard much about, so I was excited to try it out. Feather and Bone put a strong emphasis on natural products and this is reflected in the ingredients. There are only 3 ingredients in their face gems.. YES 3... Sandalwood, fullers earth and starch. Which is music to my ears... face?! I love natural products as I have sensitive skin so I need to watch what I use, as it can become sore and brings out my redness.

The product comes in blister packs, which when I first saw them I thought they looked medical but I now think this is super handy for traveling as you don't need to worry about taking too many liquids or the product leaking all over your clothes in your luggage.

You use the product how you would a usual creamy or powdery cleanser; by mixing it with water in the palm of your hand and forming it into a paste. After a paste is formed you then rub it into your face. I tend to wash this off with a cleansing cloth and then finish with some toner water to make sure everything has been removed and your skin is left feeling fresh.

Have you used Feather and Bone before?

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