Bloggers Unite Summer 15

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A few weeks ago I attended the Bloggers event; Bloggers Unite Summer '15. I had been looking forward to it for a while. The event was held at Eten in Sheffield city centre, by the cathedral. I previously organised an event at Eten, which took place last year, so I was looking forward to being an attendant blogger and not having the stress of being the host. 

Before the event, we received an email detailing what was planned and what to expect. We were told there was going to be bloggers speed dating, I was a bit apprehensive at first as I had never done anything like that before, but after we did it I loved it. Beforehand I thought it would be awkward trying to make conversation with someone I had never met, but as we were all bloggers we all had that in common. I eventually came around the to idea of blogger speed dating as it meant I spoke to many more people, more than I probably would have done without this. 

After the speed dating we had time to mingle and catch up with fellow bloggers, in this time I did manage to place a cheeky order of food. I love the food at Eten, it's really tasty. It arrived just as the talk from the brands started so it was great timing. 

The brands in attendance were Keratin Revolution, Noir Caviar and Infinatura Cura Oil. These are all Sheffield brands developed by a local entrepreneur, and they can all be found in hair salons and online. The products have a luxurious feel to them with the sleek looking packaging.  I managed to pick up the Keratin leave-in conditioner, the Noir Caviar hair moisturer and the Infinitura Cura Oil, and have already been trying out these products.  They have turned out to be great so I will be writing a blog post reviewing these as they aren't brands that I have heard much about before. At the event there was also Moogoo, who are an Australian Brand. The products are all made of natural ingredients so no nasty or harsh chemicals to put on your skin; all this is great for my sensitive skin. Moogoo also talked about their sister brand Dusty Girls, makeup which has the same principles as the skincare range, natural ingredients for sensitive skin. Again, I was lucky enough to get a lipgloss, a mascara and a powder brush so I will also be reviewing these for you to see how I get on with the products.

After the brands spoke, we had chance to speak to the people behind the products and how they worked, how they were developed, and how they would work with my skin or hair. This was great as sometimes there are questions I want to ask but I'm not brave enough to stick my hand in the air and ask in front of everyone else. 

Look Good Feel Better were the charity of the event. I love it when events do this! It's a great way to show and talk about charities that do really great work and to get some donations. We raised £80 for the charity. With my lucky streak already behind me at the city girls event, where I won millions of prizes, I thought my luck might have ended but.... I won not once, but twice! I won a hamper of Palmer's goodies, face wash, body moisturiser and a tinted moisturiser. I then won some illustrations by tattoo artist Sam Whitehead.

It was a great event organised by Emma, Hannah and Frankie, Its their third event so I'm excited for some more events coming up, hopefully one more at the end of the year. 
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