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A few weeks ago I went to Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk, it is the first time I have been to the seaside all year so I was super excited to get my feet in the sand and sea. I haven't been to Norfolk before as my relatives lived near Skegness so we tended to visit them a lot at the seaside there.

Wells-next-the-sea is on the north Norfolk coast so its a good few hours drive from Sheffield, but it was definitely worth it! When we were almost there, I kept saying "this doesn't look like the seaside where is the sea?!" because it still looked like countryside with rolling fields and trees, so the sea and coastline is hidden away. To get to the beach you can wander through lovely pinewoods, full of tall pine trees and sunny glades.

Emerging from the woods was a great surprise, you could see the sea and endless beach for miles! The weather was a little windy, so it was a little too far to walk all the way to the end of the beach, but there were so many great views. Also on the beach were lots of beach huts and towards the town there was a harbour with little fishing boats, which at the time were stranded because the tide was out.

Once we had walked across the beach and I had a paddle in the sea, we went exploring Wells-Next-the-Sea town. It was full of little tea shops, cafes and fish and chip shops. There was a mini train to take you from the beach to town. In town it was nice not to see a chain restaurant for once! Don't get me wrong, with a familiar logo or name you know what you are getting, but I do tend to stay away from those sorts of places when I am exploring somewhere new.

After a little exploring we had fish and chips. It would have been rude not to really. Who goes to the seaside and doesn't eat fish and chips? They always taste better when you are at the seaside, next to the beach and with a sea breeze in the air, FACT!

It was a little windy we didn't get to sit on the beach as it would have been a little cold. So I am looking forward to going back and making some sand castles later on in the summer!

I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't been. Have you visited Wells-Next-the-Sea before?

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