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I have been using Magnitone's Lucid Cleansing Brush for a few days now; at night or when I am removing my make-up at the end of the working day. Magnitone claim that the product will transform your skin, giving you brighter, softer and clearer skin. I only received this product on Thursday, when it dropped onto my doormat, so I haven't been using this for the whole 7 days but so far I am very impressed.

The product came in a yellow colour, I must admit I was a little excited when choosing the colours and there was a problem with the website, so I ended up ordering one in blue, green and yellow so when it did get delivered it was a surprise for it to be yellow. I really like how effortless the product makes cleansing your skin. I have tried lot of different cleansing techniques and quick and easy routines are always better for me, this is because I cleanse at the end of the day so most of the time I have been dropping to sleep on the sofa and I just want to get into bed.

The cleansing brush comes with a wireless travel charger, which is a magnetic so its pretty cool. The charge claims to last 2 weeks which is great as I know with my electric toothbrush it is more like every week and it always needs charging when I am in a rush to get out of the door. As it is a travel charger it is already set for overseas use so perfect for when you are going on your holidays. 

I have tried a few techniques with the product, applying my cleanser to the brush or applying cleanser to my face and then water on the brush. I think both do get the job done but I found with applying cleanser on my face first it does make a little mess as my cleanser got whizzed around and ended up splattered on my top, so watch out!

I think this product is right up my street, especially with the summer approaching as I do tend to wear less make up and switch from a foundation to a tinted moisturer or a BB cream. As these have less coverage I want clearer and brighter skin and maybe even go make-up free! 

I am hoping to do a post after a few weeks of use for a more detailed review to see if my skin is brighter, softer and clearer. Have you already used the Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush and noticed a transformation?

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