Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

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The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has been a huge go-to product of my mine for many years now. I discovered this a few years ago when it was hyped up by bloggers and in magazines as beauty must-buy's. When a product has been hyped up by so many bloggers, I just had to give in and give it a try. How can that many people be wrong?

The product has many different uses so it's great for popping in your handbag in case you may need to use it. When products are multi-functional or can be used in different ways, I have been sceptical, as I have found they are never that good at one thing. They try too hard to do everything else, instead of being good at one job. I have used this product in various ways; for chapped lips, irritated skin, dry skin patches, for a heavy moisturer, highlighter, lip balm, for a bit of a shimmer and as a hand cream. I have also heard this product is great for keeping your eyebrows in place, healing abrasions and for sunburn. I can confirm it is a jack of all trades, master of, well... all! Is there anything that this product can't do?!?

The cream is like a thick orange gooey balm, so I have tried not to put it on my face, as it is a little thick so I'm worried it might cause blemishes. If you do apply this to your face, I would do it in small amounts. As the consistency is so thick, it goes along way when applied. It lasts for 36 months once opened, so not only does it have millions (approx) of uses it is also going to last you for years. If you don't have this in your handbag already, why not?!

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