Have you used Keratin before?


First thing's first; I am no hair professional nor do I claim to be, but I have discovered this for myself and from advice from various hairdressers. I went to the hair dressers over a month ago to get some serious TLC for my hair. I knew it was in a bad way. I just couldn't bring life back to it. I tried deep conditioning treatments, different techniques of washing and brushing but it didn't seem to help get my hair into a better condition.

My hair only recently became so damaged, It has always been thin (I blame my parents for giving me such thin hair) and due to me bleaching it from about 13, this hasn't really helped. It was when I went to the hairdressers and they decided to put bleach onto my already bleached hair, rather than just dying my roots and adding a toner to the rest, that left my hair in a really bad way. It is safe to say I didn't go back to that hairdressers but I was then too scared to dye my hair again, which meant I hadn't dyed my hair in over six months, leaving me with some serious dark roots going on.

I did consider just going brown but since I have been blonde for a very long time, I was unsure if this would make my skin tone look really pale and weird. I then decided to go dark on top and then gradually grow my blonde out. I thought this would then be the best of both worlds, so i could grow the blonde out, without it being too much of big change.

I asked my hairdresser for some tips on how to bring my hair back to life and leave it in a much better condition. My hair before this was like cotton wool, I was unable to put the brush through it when it was wet and it was really snappy. I discovered my hair needed some Keratin to help bring it back to life, this is something I have saw in drugstore shampoos so it was completly new to me.

Keratin is protein which naturally occurs in the body; hair, skin and nails. When your hair is really damaged (like mine), thinning or loss of a lot of hair, Keratin can help, as this means Keratin has been lost or lacking, so you need to try and get it back into your hair.

I have previously used Argan oil shampoos and these did help with the condition of my hair, but I think it was helping the appearance and not the bigger picture of repairing my hair which Keratin helps to do, so I felt that this had then no lasting effects on my hair.

I have been using Wella's SP Keratin shampoo for several weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference in how my hair looks, feels and the condition of it. I think I did notice a difference straight away but I do only try and use this once a week, as I find the shampoo I have can make my hair a little greasy and I find if you use the same shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair it doesn't take the same affect, so I find that I need to switch this up.

...so, Keratin is a huge hit for me but I think this can depend on what your hair is lacking in so it might be Keratin so your hair may then react differently and not get the same results as mine, or you may not get immediate results as your hair may need to build the Keratin back up before you start to see any results.

Have you used Keratin before?
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  1. I think I need this shampoo in my life my hair needs some serious TLC as its like chewing gum to thanks for this post;)

    Laura@ Liberty Loves Makeup

  2. Great post and I love that picture! haha I'm always looking for ways to improve the condition of my hair so I'll definitely have to give keratin a go!

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty