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I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, so when this waiting for me in my postbox it was a nice surprise. I have already tried a few Makeup Revolution products and I was pleasantly surprised with such low prices and the quality of them. With such good value for money, there's no excuse not to try more of the Makeup Revolution range. 

When I first opened the product, I was a little shocked at how pink it was and how it was going to look, but I tested this out on my arm and the pink colour looked like a deeper shade of pink, which was very easy to apply and blend into my skin. I love how pigmented the shade is, it is perfect for building up colour. 

I did originally think this product was blusher due to the shade of pink, as it is similar to a blusher I already own and love. So I tested it out on my cheeks first and loved how creamy it was when applied. I sometimes tend to stay away from powder products and I find them harder to apply as sometimes the require a little more effort, whereas creamy products are sometimes a little easier to blend into my skin. 

I used this product as blusher on a night out and found it stayed in place and did not need re-applying. As this is a bright pink, I think will use this on nights out as a I tend to stick to a more subtle blusher colour in the daytime. 

After discovering the product was in-fact an eyeshadow and not a blusher, I needed to test it out how it was meant to be used. I must admit I don't usually tend to wear pink shades on my eyes as I find golden browns and smokey shades compliment my green eyes more. I applied this with my eye primer as a base to the eyeshadow, and found that it didn't crease and smudge and stayed in place. As I did use my primer I wasn't too sure if it helped the product stand the test of time, but I always tend to use a primer when wearing eyeshadow so I thought it would be providing a fairer review of the product from my perspective. 

There are so many shades of eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution at £1.00 each, a bargain of a price so no excuse not to get a few more to add to my collection. 

 *PR Sample provided by Beauty Product Testing

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