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A few weeks ago I headed to Coast 2 Coast for a preview of their Christmas menu, this was a while ago but I thought it was a little early for me to be writing Christmas related posts, so I have waited until now to share this with you. 

Coast 2 Coast is an American restaurant and bar, which has clearly put time and lots of consideration into making sure the drinks and the food menus really compliment each other nicely. This really does shine through with the passionate staff who work at the Coast 2 Coast restaurant. I must admit, I had previously heard of Coast 2 Coast but I hadn't been there for a meal before, so I was excited to pop along and try out the Christmas menu. 

We were first greeted by the team and were given a warm mulled cider which instantly put me in the Christmas spirt. I felt like going home and ordering all of my Christmas presents but first I had to make my way through the amazing Christmas Menu.

We were given cocktail masterclasses and shown how to make their new Christmas cocktails. I loved this as I have recently become a huge fan of going out and drinking cocktails, but I have never made them at home; well... unless a gin and lemonade counts. 

We were then seated and tried samples of the Christmas menu, each was a smaller portion of the courses. I was thankful for this as I did leave feeling very full, but it gave us all an opportunity to try most of the Christmas menu.

For our starter we had goat's cheese and bruschetta bites with a mushroom risotto. The mushroom risotto usually comes as main and not as a starter but it was delicious. I loved the creaminess from the cheese with the mushrooms, it really went together nicely. The bruschetta bites had a pesto topping, a combination which I had never tried before, but it was really tasty. For main we had a maple bacon burger, which was by far the favourite burger I have ever tasted. The maple burger was so sweet as it was served on a brioche bun with two slices of crispy maple bacon.  I have always been fairly doubtful of how this combination would work together but it certainly does! There was a second main (yes a second!); a roast turkey dinner, which came with really tasty turkey and a really creamy mashed potato. Finally, there was a trio of deserts, cookie cheesecake, Oreo ice-cream and a Chantilly cream. The cookie cheesecake was my favourite, but they were all very nice, I wish I had saved more room.

After sampling the menu I was very full but I was already planning my next visit to try out the full sized Christmas menu. 

Have you visited Coast 2 Coast before?

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