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A few weeks ago me and the boyf headed to Castleton. We had been before and I loved how cosy the little village was. It has many friendly pubs, each with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and are perfect this time of year to help put you in the Christmas spirt. 

I have been living in Sheffield for over a year now and I am still shocked at how close the Peak District is to Sheffield, as being from the Midlands, it was always over an hour away, which meant a trip there had to be planned way in advance. Planning is something I prefer not to do, as I love last minute plans, I find they are always the best.

Castleton this time of year has a Christmas market, full of stalls selling quirky little trinkets, great for stocking fillers. I loved the market as it was full of the Christmas atmosphere, with a brass band playing as you walked around and great smells in the air coming from the Christmas trees and the festive food. 

We were a little chilly walking around as I did forget how cold Sheffield got this time of year! I think it does get a lot colder the further north you live. We then headed to a cosy little cafe which was a two minute walk from the markets, tucked out of the way over a little bridge. The Three Roofs Cafe, this was a cosy little cafe full of yummy looking cakes. I did struggle to make a decision of what cake to try as they all looked delicious. In the end I decided on the carrot cake, with a hot chocolate.

After the cafe we then went into some of the cute little shops, each was a cosy cottage with hidden gems inside; like Blue John, which is mined locally and carved into decorative ornaments. This is not something I had heard of before but it is a purple coloured, semi-precious mineral which is pretty but also very expensive. 

After visiting Castleton I was in the Christmas sprit and ready for Santa to come and visit me. As I have only really been here in the Winter time I am intrigued to see how Castleton is on a hot summers day.

Have you been to Castleton before or have you been to any other festive villages like Castleton?
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