Snow Fairy

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I got this goodie from the #bloggersSecretSanta14 event a few weeks ago. My gift was perfect for me so I think my secret Santa had done some research. I am huge fan of everything Lush related so I have been super excited about the Christmas range this year. Last year I didn't manage to get my hands on a bottle of Snow Fairy, I don't think I dropped enough hints to Santa!

I have read before about how bloggers stock up on Snow Fairy so they can use it all year round. Now I know exactly why. I have been aware of how small the bottle is, so I have been trying to make the most of it, but I am planning on re-stocking when I next pop into Lush.

As soon as you squeeze Snow Fairy out of the shocking pink bottle, the smell hits you. I think it's a mixture of strawberry Angel Delight and candy floss, or as my boyfriend would say 'it smells like girl'. This is something I usually tend to stay away from; scented shower gels, as I find they make my skin a little itchy as it can be a little sensitive at times. This product is gentle on my skin and doesn't leave me feeling like a cactus.

After using this product over the past week I can see why people stock up; who doesn't want to be smelling of Snow Fairy all year round!? I feel like this tiny bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel has been a little teaser, so I am now trying to think of an excuse treat myself to the larger sized bottle.

Snow Fairy can be brought from here  or from Lush shops on the High Street but be quick as they won't be around after Christmas. Last year I heard there was a huge boxing day sale where you were able to grab yourself a discounted snow fairy. 

Have you tried Snow Fairy before? Let me know what you think.
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